COVID-19's Impact on Culture Report


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted organisational culture - but which direction will this take?

Organisational culture is not easily impacted, and typically prevent any attempt to change it. This report, in partnership with Dr. Marc Stigter and Sir Cary Cooper, explores what impact COVID-19 has had on organisational culture.

Importantly, it discovered that the majority of HR practitioners believe the crisis has forced their organisation to see, think, feel, plan and act differently, and that organisational leaders with certain qualities define how far COVID-19 is likely to have an adverse, or favourable, impact on culture.

This report surveyed 233 HR leaders from varied industries and sectors to discover how COVID-19 had impacted their organisational culture.


4/5 HR practitioners (84.3%) suggest this crisis is forcing their organisation to see, think, feel, plan and act differently.

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A surprising finding is that most HR practitioners found building culture with a remote workforce is a challenge, but that employees are connecting in a much more genuine way.


Generally, HR professionals believe that their organisations will persevere, but the question remains which direction their new-found agility will take: Will organisational culture be transformed or go back to 'business as usual' post-pandemic.

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COVID-19's Impact on Culture Report

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