Workshop 2: Jason Fox

FRIDAY 31 AUGUST, 9.20AM - 3.30PM


Motivation design is a contemporary science wherein we influence behaviour via the external factors that amplify intrinsic motivation. This is not about manipulating attitudes, values or beliefs – motivation design eschews full and hokey hucksterism, and is psychologically safe. This also means that motivation is less dependent on you. *You* don’t have to motivate yourself, or your team – the motivation design does the heavy lifting. In this wondrously pragmatic masterclass, you’ll learn *how* to influence and shape motivation through the clever design of the work itself.

Jason Fox

Jason Fox

Leadership advisor, motivation design expert and author

Dr Jason Fox is a modern day wizard-rogue, author and leadership adviser.

Oft sought after for his pioneering philosophies and expertise in motivation design, Dr Fox shows forward-thinking leaders around the world how to unlock new and meaningful progress—amidst a volatile sea of complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity, paradox and doubt.

His clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world including Microsoft, PepsiCo, HP and McDonald’s, to other multinationals such as Toyota, Beam Suntory, Vodafone, Honda, Sony, Gartner, Johnson & Johnson, Xero, HP, Red Cross, Pandora, KPMG, and The International Institute of Research, (and not to mention banks, universities, telcos, government agencies, insurance companies, software developers, associations, intergovernmental world forums, and so on).

Dr Fox is the bestselling author of The Game Changer, and How to Lead a Quest: a handbook for pioneering executives, and his research has been featured in the likes of Smart Company, Huffington Post, BRW and The Financial Review.

As well as the above, Dr Fox enjoys partaking in extreme sports such as reading, beard maintenance and coffee snobbery.