Exhibition seminars

A range of free professional development seminars held in the exhibition hall theatre on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 August. Presenters will deliver sessions covering the latest HR topics, product demonstrations and case studies.

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Wednesday 29 August

9.00AM - 9.30AM

Seminar 1: Rebels with a Cause  - How Innovative HR Leaders are Breaking the Mould to Create Lasting Employee Engagement

Debra Corey- HR Director, Reward Gateway

Consider how quickly the pace of communication, productivity and technology continues to change — what was radical 15 years ago is commonplace now. The best HR professionals know that to attract, engage and keep great talent, they need to build better workplaces. So they look ahead and are proactive and agile, and are brave enough to buck the trend. They are the rebels with a cause.

In this talk, Kylie walks us through a framework that empowers HR rebels to engage and connect with our increasingly multi-skilled and multi-generational workforces, providing examples from Australian companies like Suncorp, Holden, Hollard, and Estee Lauder, and giving you practical strategies to apply in your own organisation.

9.30AM - 10.00AM

Seminar 2: How to Maximise the Impact of Informal Learning

Josephine Gusman - Senior Customer Service Executive, Saba Software

The way we work & interact with colleagues, employees and peers continues to change at a rapid pace. Traditional training approaches are fast becoming obsolete and employees are leveraging internal and external networks more than ever before. Join this session with Jo to learn all about informal learning and how to embrace it in your organisation.

11.00AM - 11.30AM

Seminar 3: Intuition vs. Data – the case for robust data analytics in talent decision making

Mark Do - Director of Talent, PBC/Hogan

“The bottom line is clear…analytics can now become a strategic competitive advantage” (Josh Bersin). In this practical and informative session, Mark Do will present PBC’s People Analytics Solution, which provides a functional structure to help innovative organisations navigate the use of their people data to drive business performance.

11.40AM - 12.10PM

Seminar 4: Becoming a People Company

Alex Haloulos - Sales Director, Sage Business Cloud People

Several decades ago, we saw a clear shift from the traditional view of Personnel to that of HR. Now, that function is going through another transformation and are emerging as a People function instead. Instead of focusing on transactional HR processes, the emphasis is on creating great workforce experiences for people. Companies do this by understanding employee motivations better, and aligning them to people practices. By doing this, companies will see a positive change in engagement, performance and productivity.

Through this seminar, we want to challenge the status quo and how companies engage with their people today.

12.15PM - 12.45PM

Seminar 5: 2018 Australian Employee Insights Report - Key findings

Joshua van Gestel - National Manager, Education, Sunsuper

The Sunsuper Australian employee insights report provides businesses with insights into what their employees really want and value from their workplace and employer. In this session, Sunsuper will share the 2018 report’s key findings to help you better understand your employees’ views on topics including the employee experience, workplace flexibility and wellbeing.

Joshua van Gestel is Sunsuper’s National Manager, Education, responsible for delivering Sunsuper’s education strategy to members and overseeing the development of bespoke multi-channel communication strategies for Sunsuper’s key employer clients and their employees.

Joshua is passionate about empowering Australians to achieve their retirement dreams through the provision of effective, tangible and engaging experiences while also bringing a desire to create employer advocacy to improve the financial wellbeing of employees.

12.55PM - 1.25PM

Seminar 6: Demystifying microlearning: using microlearning to make macro change

Philip Tutty - Head of Litmos APAC

Improving your training delivery with microlearning is a hot topic for HR and L&D teams. Cutting down on course duration not only saves valuable time but also helps boost learning retention. Yet microlearning is not the best option in every situation. Join Phil Tutty, Head of Litmos APAC, as he demystifies microlearning, explains when it’s best used and gives some real-life examples of its benefits.

2.25PM - 2.55PM

Seminar 7: Harnessing the role of hr as a disruptor – keeping employees engaged during a fast and furious changing environment

Monica Watt - General Manager, HR, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

HR is a disruptor leading the way for change, pushing through barriers and forging the way ahead for others to follow. Who do you get to champion the changes inside your business and how?
You can plan everything to prepare for change, but as there is a human element there is no single plan of attack, one size does not fit all. What questions should you ask those who are going on the change journey with you?
The importance of providing a personalised engagement experience throughout the transition period. What support mechanisms could you consider to provide the best possible change experience for the people in your organisation?

3.00PM - 3.30PM

Seminar 8: Mobility in the Global Economy

Dayne Nash - Chief Product Officer, PageUp

In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced global economy, organisations need agile, flexible workforces. For HR, the ability to move people from one team to another and rapidly meet changing business needs requires a deep understanding of internal talent pipelines, as well as external talent networks, so that key skills can be leveraged and mobilised anywhere around the business, or around the globe, at any time.

4.15PM - 4.45PM

Seminar 9: Leading Global Practices in Employment Screening:  Enhancing your employment brand & cover your …

James Sutherland - Managing Director New Zealand, CVCheck

* Employment screening and frameworks - global trends
* Risk management & compliance in the hiring process
* Creating the right candidate experience

Thursday 30 August


9.00AM - 9.30AM

Seminar 10: Commercial Mind, Social Heart

Blazenka Skender, Chief People Officer, icare

Imagine what it is like to work for an organisation whose purpose is truly to do good. Hear from icare about how they have thought beyond the boundaries of traditional HR plans and frameworks, instead applying thinking and techniques in human centred design, whole person wellbeing, and strong executive involvement. Together they continue to codesign the people experience and engage their workforce on a journey towards a high energy, highly empathetic customer centric culture.
9.30AM - 10.00AM

Seminar 11: Positive HR - how the science of positive psychology can transform your HR practices

Sue Langley, Founder and CEO, Langley Group

This session will cover:

* what is a positive approach to HR?
* an introduction to the research behind positive HR practices
* the business case for introducing positive HR practices and how it can impact business results
* the benefits of a strengths based approach to HR

10.45AM - 11.15AM

Seminar 12: Creating Business Value Through Learning content and proving it!

Vicky Bartolacci - Managing Director, APAC, Kineo

Organisations are grappling with how best to meet their current and likely future needs for training content.

With our rapidly evolving and increasingly responsive industry is it sufficient to provide training content that is merely tweaked?  Or savvy to invest in developing an inhouse capability that provides exactly what you need – with amazing UX - every time?

It’s a complex question with many variables, but some basic principles as well as measuring impact can help provide clarity and assist the decision-making process as our need for high quality personalised learning continues to rise.

11.20AM - 11.50AM

Seminar 13: Putting our learners first, a user-centric approach to learning

Dan Hart - Learning Experience Facilitator, Indeed

Explore how Indeed applies its product development mentality to create learning experiences. By keeping the learner at the centre of the process, their Employee Development team aims to increase engagement and decrease time to apply learning.

12.00PM - 1.10PM       


Seminar 14:  The science of how to design your most effective workday 

Amantha Imber - Innovation psychologist; Founder, Inventium

We are living in a world where productivity books litter the shelves in bookstores, to do list apps frequently top the iTunes charts, and the idea of getting things done (GTD) has practically become a religion. Dr Amantha Imber will share with you an evidence-based approach to completely changing the way you work to enable you to do better work. She will take you through the latest research that will help you transform your work habits to ensure you get high impact, meaningful work achieved every single day.

2.10PM - 2.40PM

Seminar 15: Get your business growing

Janey Kuzma - State Manager Victoria, Department of Jobs and Small Business

The Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business is responsible for national policies and programs that help Australians find and keep employment and work in safe, fair and productive workplaces.

This presentation highlights the opportunities and benefits for business offered through Australian Government employment services programs. Information will include support available to help prepare and recruit a workforce ready for the future of work.

2.50PM - 3.20PM


Dale Cooney, Chief Operating Officer, Cirka
Kate Smith, HR Manager, Cirka

Cleaning is at the core of Cirka’s business, and having quality people in place at every level is critical to achieving their key objective of exceeding customers’ expectations. This presentation will take you through Cirka’s journey in transforming their HR processes, in partnership with Kronos. Understand the business challenges that gave impetus to implementing an HRIS at Cirka. Learn how it helped them to:

  • Streamline processes to enable large-scale and ongoing recruitment
  • Achieve efficiencies and benefits in staff scheduling, time and attendance tracking
  • Manage the performance review process more efficiently
  • Enable employee self-service through mobile applications.