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De-mystifying Common Privacy Risks

Andrea Calleia CPHR, Learning Manager, Salinger Privacy

HR Technology Conference

Protecting privacy is not only about regulatory compliance; it’s also about enhancing company reputation and valuing people. 

Today, staff at all levels must understand the value of personal information and why it is good practice to effectively align systems, everyday actions and staff awareness to minimise risk of data breaches and maximise opportunity to leverage the worth of the data. Hear from Andrea, a globally-accredited information privacy and HR practitioner, as she offers insights into common privacy myths, unpacks how companies often overlook privacy risk, and provides pragmatic advice on how to safely leverage your company’s valuable data.

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About Andrea Calleia CPHR

Andrea Calleia has extensive experience in the learning and development field and has specialised in privacy training since 2003, when she managed the privacy education program for the NSW Privacy Commissioner’s Office. 

Since joining Salinger Privacy in 2008, Andrea has managed the elearning privacy training program and delivers most of the face-to-face training.  She has developed and delivered customised privacy training on behalf of clients including the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and PRAXIS Australia.


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