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Cyber Security - A People Problem

Stan Gallo, KPMG Forensic

Cyber attacks, data breaches and security are not simply IT problems.  They are a people problem – and HR is at the centre of it.

Talk about cyber-attacks, data breaches and security controls, and everyone tends to look to the IT function for response and resolution. In doing so they miss a critical part of the problem.  The offenders know this, and you should too. Successful cyber security regimes are those that combine the critical factors of people, process and technology.  There is a reason that people are at the front.  This ‘Human Firewall’ is a critical strength and a significant weakness that criminal elements are quick to exploit.  Having experienced it from both sides, Stan will share a non-technical, enlightening and interactive look at cyber security, how people can and are being exploited and what HR can do about it.

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About Stan Gallo

Stan is a Partner with KPMG Forensic and National Leader of the Australian KPMG Forensic Technology teams. He leads Cyber Incident Response services for KPMG in Australia and co-leads the services internationally providing strategic direction and crisis management in an ever changing technology environment.  

As a former deep cover police operative, Stan has a unique perspective on all manner of nefarious activities having lived numerous lives including trafficking in narcotics, firearms and electronic data – he has lived these risks.  A risk management specialist, Stan combines his unique insights with traditional investigative skills and forensic technology expertise to bring a different perspective to assisting clients in crisis. 

He has authored technology related articles in a range of publications and has been involved in numerous media appearances, publications and presentations both in Australia and internationally. 



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