Your journey after certification

Continuing professional development (CPD) and learning are key to building professional HR standards and optimising individual career opportunities.

Articulation to Masters qualifications for APC graduates

AHRI has established arrangements with higher education providers to enable graduates of the AHRI Practising Certification Program to articulate into both HR and non-HR Masters level qualification with the requisite credit.

As an APC graduate you can now broaden your knowledge base and strategic skills by quickly progressing to HR postgraduate qualifications, or acquire skills beyond HR by pursuing business degree MBAs. View our university partners 

Continuing professional development

Through your commitment to HR certification and your ongoing continuing professional development, AHRI can confidently communicate to the market the HR standard and the professionalism of our certified members. As such all AHRI Certified Practitioner members (CPHR and FCPHR) must undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure their professional HR skills and knowledge stay current.

All Certified HR Practitioners must complete the required minimum hours of CPD every three years to maintain their certification status and professional membership. If CPD requirements are not met for your membership level, you may lose your certified status.

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You will be audited annually, so keeping your CPD record up-to-date is important. Use AHRI's online CPD recording tool (accessed via your member profile) to manage and track your professional development.

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Your membership fee

After achieving HR certification, your ongoing annual membership fee as an AHRI Certified HR Practitioner will be:

  • $396 per year for Certified Practitioners (CPHR)
  • $462 per year for Fellow Certified Practitioners (FCPHR)

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Lapsed membership

If your AHRI membership has lapsed and you are applying to be readmitted as a Certified Practitioner (CPHR or FCPHR), you may be required to provide evidence of CPD completed during periods of your lapsed membership.

Hence it is recommended that all Certified Practitioners:

  • Keep a private record of your CPD
  • Keep your AHRI CPD record up to date via your online member profile
  • Ensure your AHRI membership is current

Contact AHRI if you have any absences from the profession instead of letting your AHRI membership lapse.