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Improving Power and Water Corporation's learning and development

Johanna Norris CPHR, Manager, Leadership, Change and Essential Behaviour, Power and Water Corporation

“The project fundamentally changed the ‭way the organisation viewed development – for ‭the better.”

Johanna Norris needed to develop a Learning ‭and Development structure for Power and ‭Water Corporation which used resources ‭effectively, without compromising the needs of ‭individual business units. The corporation has ‭just over 900 employees. It is diverse, and it ‭operates several utilities over vast distances.

When the project began in 2013, the lack of ‭functional alignment across the organisation ‭had led to ineffective processes and procedures. ‭Centralising coordination of training ‭reduced duplication of courses, and allowed ‭each business area to share resources and costs. ‭Consolidating processes and improving ‭data management reduced the cost of course ‭delivery by $1.3 million in the first year. The ‭project improved staff retention and cut ‭recruitment costs by $135 million.


‭“The project fundamentally changed the ‭way the organisation viewed development – for ‭the better,” says Johanna.

Johanna was also able to address aspects of ‭workforce planning, recruitment, succession ‭planning and knowledge retention and transfer.

‭“For me, it has been an excellent ‭opportunity to hone my project and change ‭management skills, while using adaptive and ‭proactive leadership to achieve the desired ‭outcomes for the organisation.”

This was first published in the June 2018 issue of the HRM magazine.