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Profile: Nick Flynn, director of people and talent, State of Matter

Nick Flynn, director of people and talent at tech startup State of Matter, had to create his organisation’s HR function from scratch.

Not a simple task for someone who did not have a background in generalist HR. Thankfully, he was already on his certification journey in the AHRI Practising Certification (APC) Program.

“The course has given me a lot more confidence in undertaking the full breadth of my responsibilities and to tackle larger and more complex organisational development goals,” says Flynn.

Flynn has successfully completed the first three units of the APC Program, and is now commencing the final capstone unit. With a young family and a hectic work schedule, Flynn needed a professionally recognised course that would
accommodate his busy lifestyle, and AHRI's part-time program fitted the bill.


“The APC Program was more time-efficient and achievable than postgraduate programs elsewhere, and it's well recognised in the industry,” he says. “It has helped me become a much more effective HR leader and drive better
outcomes for our business. My colleagues have noticed a change in the language I’m using and my ability to back up my advice with facts.”

Nick is a current participant of the APC Program and has commenced his capstone project (Unit 4).