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Leadership capability

Growing Empired's leadership capability to increase the employee Net Promoter Score: Shaun Cameron CPHR, Learning and Development Manager, Empired Limited

“‭Enabling leaders ‭to use feedback as ‭insight into creating ‭sustainable change at a ‭local level has been our ‭biggest success."

‭IT solutions company Empired has set a people ‭strategy to create a ‘Completely Compelling ‭Organisation’.

To achieve this aspiration there ‭has been a commitment to continually use ‭employee feedback as a measure of how ‭well they are tracking. Empired’s Employee ‭Net Promoter Score (eNPS) was at -19 across ‭the Australian business.

This saw top talent ‭being lost in a highly competitive and lucrative ‭recruitment landscape for IT professionals. ‭Leader performance, impact and effectiveness ‭were also not being measured to drive ‭accountability for improving climate results.

Shaun Cameron and his team focused on ‭empowering the leadership behaviours that ‭are responsible for improving organisational ‭climate. State-based business leadership group ‭members analysed data, workshopped solutions, ‭developed local action plans, and communicated ‭a clear commitment to improve the climate ‭results in their state.

This led to an overall eNPS ‭score increase of +6 points to -13 (and more ‭recently to -1), and an increase of 5 per cent in ‭survey participation between Q1 and Q2.

This was first published in the April 2018 issue of the HRM magazine.

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