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HR immediate upskilling

Susan Moriarty CPHR, HR Account Manager, HR Support Branch, Department of Human Services

“‭Certification enhanced ‭my capabilities so I ‭could better support ‭the department to ‭achieve positive ‭business outcomes."

The Department of Human Services ‭delivers social and health-related payments ‭and services to the Australian public on behalf ‭of the Commonwealth Government and ‭employs about 34,000 staff across Australia. ‭

The OneHR program was initiated in early ‭2017 to transform HR services by moving ‭towards client-centred service delivery. This ‭change involved a significant restructure of ‭HR roles, including revising existing roles ‭and establishing new ones, and required an ‭immediate HR capability upskill. 

‭Susan Moriarty needed to address the critical ‭capability requirements resulting from the ‭OneHR restructure.


Through focus groups, ‭interviews and meetings, she identified 14 ‭gaps including consulting and coaching skills, ‭data analytics and communication. Also, 56 ‭immediate upskill options were identified, and ‭three pilot sessions were conducted with 88 per ‭cent participant satisfaction.

Ten more sessions ‭are set to take place and will be evaluated via the APS Census Results 2018 and a ‭range of HR client surveys and pulse polls.

This was first published in the April 2018 issue of the HRM magazine.