Setting the HR standard

HR certification is the industry standard for HR professionals and recognises HR capability as a combination of acquired knowledge ('what you know'), and application of skills and professional behaviours ('what you do').

AHRI introduced HR certification to set the bar for HR practice in Australia. HR certification clearly defines what good HR is and distinguishes HR practitioners who are capable of bringing their HR expertise to their organisation as a business partner. 

What is good HR?

The AHRI Model of Excellence details the knowledge, skills capabilities and leadership behaviours that HR practitioners and people managers should demonstrate, and underpins the AHRI Practising Certification Program, one of four pathways to HR certification.

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Message to employers and recruiters

The National Certification Council preserves the standard that gives you the confidence to employ certified HR professionals who are appropriately credentialled with high level HR expertise and proven capabilities to be HR business partners.

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The National Certification Council 

The National Certification Council (NCC) awards the Certified Practitioner post-nominals to candidates who have successfully completed a certification pathway and demonstrated that they have the requisite skills, knowledge and behaviours to be a Certified HR Practitioner.

The post-nominals of Certified HR Practitioners signify that they have:

  • Achieved a cognitive mastery of globally benchmarked HR knowledge and skills,
  • Demonstrated the capability to apply these knowledge and skills in the workplace,
  • Showcased their contribution, as a academic, to the HR body of knowledge and excellence in HR teaching practice, and
  • Made a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD).

The NCC consists of experts from the public service and industry, and academics from Australia and overseas. They set and review the HR standard, hear appeals, and oversee administration and the mechanisms available to members in routine assessments and CPD audits.

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