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Setting the HR standard

HR certification is the industry standard for HR professionals and recognises HR capability as a combination of acquired knowledge ('what you know'), and application of skills and professional behaviours ('what you do'). 

AHRI introduced HR certification to set the bar for HR practice in Australia. HR certification clearly defines what good HR is and distinguishes HR practitioners who are capable of bringing their HR expertise to their organisation as a business partner.

Achieving HR certification shows the wider market and your peers that your professional knowledge and skills are at a demonstrated level of experience, and that you are committed to keeping up with contemporary HR practices.

You can achieve HR certification through one of four pathways. The AHRI Practising Certification Program is one of those pathways and it is underpinned by the capabilities and leadership behaviours detailed in the AHRI Model of Excellence.

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Read what the report PwC's Skills for Australia – Industry-led review and development of vocational training (July 2018) says about AHRI's HR certification model.

National Certification Council

The National Certification Council (NCC) oversees the HR standards, administration and credentialing of eligible candidates seeking HR certification. The NCC also awards the Certified Practitioner post-nominals to candidates who have successfully completed the four units of the APC Program, entitling these Certified HR Practitioners to use a Certified Practitioner post-nominal:

  • CPHR (Certified Practitioner Human Resources);
  • FCPHR (Fellow Certified Practitioner Human Resources);
  • CAHR (Certified Academic Human Resources);
  • FCAHR (Fellow Certified Academic Human Resources); or
  • AMAHRI (Academic Member).

These post-nominals signify that successful candidates have:

  • Achieved a cognitive mastery of globally benchmarked HR knowledge and skills;
  • Demonstrated the capability to apply these knowledge and skills in the workplace; and
  • Made a commitment to continuous professional development (CPD).

Message to employers and recruiters

On behalf of AHRI's members and the HR profession, AHRI will undertake an awareness campaign in 2017 setting HR certification as the market standard for HR professionals.The campaign aims to build the confidence in businesses that Certified HR Practitioners bring globally recognised HR standards to their role. Employing a certified HR professional means that businesses have certainty on how their HR business partner can benefit their organisation.

"There can be no better acknowledgement for HR professionals than to be recognised by their peers through HR certification. This will become a true differentiator for individuals and HR teams in future years."
Craig Mason, Founding Director, The Next Step


The time is right for a post-nominal that signifies to business the professionalism of the HR person they are employing. Hopefully, the HR profession will take it up and take pride in it.

Jim Bailey LFAHRI, AHRI's inaugural National President

An executive perspective

an executive perspective


AHRI, in partnership with senior members of the HR profession, need to champion certification as a means to recognise the quality of the professionals in the field and to continue to lift the contribution of the HR profession in enabling business success.

Grant Kerswell FAHRI, HR Director, Broadspectrum

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