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Apply for the Senior Leaders Pathway

Become a Fellow Certified Practitioner HR (FCPHR) or Certified Practitioner HR (CPHR) via the Senior Leaders Pathway towards HR certification. 

Please check your eligibility for this pathway before you start your application. Learn more

 The Senior Leaders Pathway application process is outlined in six steps below:

  1. Express your interest (12 months expiry from date of submission)
  2. Write your case study
  3. Submit your case study and make payment
  4. Verifying your case study submission via DocuSign
  5. Interview with your AHRI Super Volunteer (30 minutes)
  6. Consideration by the National Certification Council

Step 1. Express your interest

Complete an online form and upload your CV to express your interest. Please login to your AHRI profile before submitting this online form. 

Forgot your login details? Call AHRI on 03 9918 9230 or email

You must hold current AHRI professional membership (MAHRI, CAHRI or FAHRI) to apply for certification. 

Not currently an AHRI professional member?

You can apply for AHRI professional membership online after you have submitted your EOI form online. You can also call AHRI on 03 9918 9230 or email for assistance.

Express your interest now

Once AHRI receives your EOI submission, your CV will be reviewed for eligibility by one of AHRI’s Super Volunteers for eligibility to proceed with your case study.
Please note, once you have submitted your EOI, you have 12 months to submit your case study (pending approval) from the date of submission. Past this date, when you are ready, you will need to submit another EOI for review to proceed.


Step 2. Write the case study 

After your EOI submission, you will receive an case study template with instructions on how to put together a Senior Leaders Pathway case study application, and the submission timelines for the respective NCC meeting dates.

Your case study needs to be a recent project (no more than five years old), that outlines an organisational capability initiative, change or solution that you have implemented and that had measurable outcomes. You will also need to look at how you have applied the expert knowledge, skills and behaviours captured within the AHRI Model of Excellence (MoE).

The application takes about six to eight hours to complete and many applicants have commented on how they enjoyed reflecting on the impact they have had across their career. 

Step 3. Submit your case study and make payment - View Submission Dates

Before uploading your case study, review it against the checklist on the last page of the template. Once inside the portal, complete the case study submission form, upload your case study (in word format only) and your current CV.

You can pay the application fee of $599.00 (including GST) online by credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Diners. Payments are not refundable after submission.

All payments and uploads must be received by the cut-off date for each NCC meeting. Submissions received after the due date may not be processed in time for consideration at the next NCC meeting. Click here to view the due dates prior to each meeting.

Submit and pay now


Step 4. Verifying your case study submission via DocuSign

Once your case study application is received, you and your sponsor/referee will be contacted via DocuSign.

Your sponsor is to verify the evidence presented based on their observation of the outcomes outlined in your case study. They will also confirm that this is your own work and is an appropriate demonstration of your skills, knowledge, capabilities and behaviours relevant to the project.

Please ensure your nominated sponsor/referee is at the Business/Divisional CEO level and is contactable via email.

A DocuSign email will also be forwarded to you at the same time requesting your signature, date and your permission for reproduction. Here is a sample of the Senior Leaders verification form that AHRI will send with your case study via DocuSign.

Once the case study has been signed by both parties, this confirms the submission is completed and a signed copy will be emailed to you and your sponsor/referee, as well as to the assessor for review.

You or your sponsor/referee do not need a DocuSign account to sign the document. This application is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices connected to the internet.

Completed Senior Leader Pathway applications will receive 32 CPD points. To learn more about CPD, click here for more information.

Step 5. Interview with your Super Volunteer

After your application has been reviewed by our Super Volunteer, they will contact you regarding their recommendation.

If successful to proceed, the Super Volunteer will organise a date and time for a 30-minute interview. The purpose of the interview is to seek further validation of your case study to assist with their advice to the NCC.

Applications will then be forward to the NCC Desk Audit for review and interviews to ensure consistency of quality and standards. Submissions that have been recommended to proceed to the NCC, may decide to undertake a second interview with the applicant.


Step 6. NCC consideration

The NCC meets up to four times a year to review applications for certification via the four pathways. Your case study, fellow application (optional) and CV, along with a summary of the interview summary, recommendation from the Super Volunteers will be presented to the NCC for consideration. The AHRI certification team will advise you of the NCC meeting outcomes within three weeks.

Learn about the NCC