Senior Leaders Pathway

The Senior Leaders Pathway offers senior HR practitioners and executives the opportunity to attain HR certification through the submission of a retrospective case study and an intensive interview process. This pathway recognises and takes into consideration the extensive experience and skills that senior professionals already have.

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Certification for senior HR leaders

The Senior Leaders Pathway recognises the wealth of experience that you offer as a senior leader, and acknowledges your HR skills, knowledge and behaviours in implementing organisational change.

To demonstrate your HR capability as a senior HR leader, you submit a case study of an HR initiative that you have implemented in the last five years and demonstrate how it has impacted on the business. A case study implemented up to eight years will be considered on a case by case basis. This is followed with an interview with the National Certification Council (NCC), who will also review your application.

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Who can apply?

This pathway is designed for senior HR professionals with

  • 10+ years' generalist HR experience, including
  • 5+ years' experience in a senior leadership/management role, demonstrating a record of achievement in managing the HR function and providing HR leadership. 

You should

  • Demonstrate leadership in strategic and budgetary responsibilities in generalist and/or specialist HR roles,
  • Have led a team of HR professionals towards achieving organisational objectives, and
  • Have completed an AHRI accredited or relevant postgraduate qualification, or demonstrate equivalent knowledge, skills and experience.

Only eligible AHRI professional members at a minimum MAHRI level can apply. 

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Completed Senior Leader Pathway applications will receive 32 CPD points. To learn more about CPD, click here for more information.


Upgrade to an AHRI Fellowship

If you are an AHRI member but not an AHRI Fellow, you can be considered for AHRI Fellowship in conjunction with your Senior Leaders Pathway case study application. Please refer to the AHRI Fellow Application Guidelines via the Senior Leaders Pathway prior to submission. 

You also have the opportunity to apply for FCPHR after you have completed one of AHRI's certification pathways and have been awarded CPHR. Please complete this application and email to submit here. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your submission.

Have questions about becoming a Fellow? Please contact us on 03 9918 9230 or email us.

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