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HR Certification and AHRI membership

AHRI Membership and the process to become a Certified Practitioner are separate things, but are intrinsically linked. For example, it is possible for non-members to enrol in the AHRI Practising Certification program (APC program), but AHRI membership is required to be awarded the Certified Practitioner status upon completion.

AHRI members commit to modelling excellence in the workplace and keep professional skills current by undertaking continuous professional development (CPD). Ongoing commitment to CPD ensures AHRI members routinely reflect on learning, reviewing their current knowledge and skill level to guide and focus their professional standing, making AHRI membership and ongoing CPD an essential part of the Certified Practitioner status.


CPD forms the key to building professional standards and optimising individual career opportunities. AHRI professional members have exclusive access to the all-encompassing AHRI CPD program to manage and track their professional development. AHRI Certified Practitioner (CPHR) members are required to complete 60 hours of CPD over a 3-year period.

A minimum of 40 hours should be recorded by participating in the following activities:

  • Type 1 - Formal education
  • Type 2 - Learning activities
  • Type 3 - Conferences and seminars
  • Type 4 - Presentation of papers

The remaining 20 hours may be accumulated by participating in the following activities:

  • Type 5 – Industry involvement
  • Type 6 – Service to the profession
  • Type 7 – Informal learning

CPD points for activities completed through AHRI are automatically recorded for you. For other activities completed externally members can log in to their CPD recording tool to plan and record their CPD activities.

All Certified Practitioner members will be audited at least once every three years as part of the commitment to maintaining the certification standards.

AHRI Fellows have different CPD requirements as outlined below.

Member typeCPD requirementAllowed CPD activityComments
FCPHR30 hours of CPD over a 3-year period, specifically relating to advancing the HR profession. Type 4 - Presentation of papers
Type 5 - Industry involvement
Type 6 - Service to the profession
All FCPHR applications are taken through a series of formal reviews prior to being awarded. Audit of CPD for Fellows will be by exception only. 

Detailed information on CPD and a downloadable info guide is accessible via the ‘my profile’ link at the top of the page.


Santos supports certification because it will help in forging career pathways and developing confidence, capability and credibility for the Santos HR gene pool.

Chris Wood FCPHR, Manager HR, Santos

Why I chose to get certified

HR certification and the APC program


AHRI can lead the way in informing Australian employers that HR practitioners who are AHRI certified are experts in their field and maintain their professional currency.

Geoff de Lacy FAHRILife, Principal Director, Polaris Consulting


As you progress through your career it becomes more important to ensure the future of the profession. The certification program does that for the HR profession. That's why I took the decision to complete the Senior Pathways Program.

Rob Phipps FCPHR, Chief People Officer, KFC

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