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How to get HR certified

Get ahead in your career with HR certification, the industry standard for HR practitioners.

Experienced HR practitioners can achieve HR certification through one of three different pathways:

Eligibility for each pathway is dependent on your experience, skills and capability.

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"HR certification demonstrates to business stakeholders my HR experience, knowledge and skills."
Connie Kuhlman CPHR, Field HR Lead - ANZ, Accenture Australia

Gaining recognition

The National Certification Council oversees the HR standards, administration and credentialing of eligible candidates seeking HR certification. Upon successful completion of an HR certification pathway AHRI members are awarded the post-nominals of:

  • CPHR (Certified Practitioner Human Resources) or
  • FCPHR (Fellow Certified Practitioner Human Resources).


We're minded to look at initiatives to lift HR managers onto that strategic planning role … but also we've got to equip HR with the capability.

John Lloyd, Public Services Commissioner

Setting the HR standard

setting the bar for the profession


Certification professionalises HR by providing a solid foundation and developmental path to follow. Organisations start to look for it.

Georgia Siabanis FCPHR, HR Director, The Turning Lane

What are the top skills you need to get to be a HRD?

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