APC Program entry requirements

Who can enrol for the APC Program?

To commence your studies in the APC Program, you must be a current AHRI professional member at a minimum MAHRI level (i.e. MAHRI, CAHRI or FAHRI) and you must fulfil one of the three criteria listed below:

Gain the support of your employer

To assist in gaining the support of your employer to enrol into the APC program, the below template has been created for your use:

Letter to your employer


Q. Can I enrol for the APC Program if I'm not yet an AHRI member?

You can sign up for membership when applying for admission into the APC Program. 

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Q. If I don't have enough work experience required for this pathway, what can I do?

You can call to speak to a Member Career Partner about your options on 03 9918 9230 or email enquiries@ahri.com.au 

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