Become a Certified Academic HR (CAHR)

The AHRI Certified Academic membership recognises the individual's professional contribution to delivering and expanding HR thinking and knowledge, not only within their own institution but at a national level. 

Eligible HR academics can apply to become a Certified Academic HR member (CAHR) via the Academic Pathway or the CIPD Reciprocity Pathway

HR academics who successfully undertake either pathway to HR certification to become Certified Academic members are awarded the post-nominals CAHR (Certified Academic HR). 

The post-nominals CAHR:

  • Signify your academic contribution to the HR discipline,
  • Indicate your commitment to maintaining professionalism in practice and continuing development of yourself and others, and
  • Confirm your agreement to abide by the AHRI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the Continuing Professional Development policy.

What is a Certified Academic?

The Certified Academic membership level recognises academics and researchers who use their knowledge and research experience to contribute to the design, delivery and management of higher education programs and/or research within the HR discipline.

The Certified Academic member fully understands their institution or organisation’s operating environment, its context and objectives and how their own role fits into these. They use this understanding to build and foster relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders to foster a productive and sustainable organisational culture and ensure organisational capability.

In many cases, they also use this knowledge to promote the value of HRM externally in government, industry and community forums.

This membership level is available to:

  • AHRI members who have completed the Academic Pathway and have been awarded certification by the National Certification Council, but have not yet met the requirements for FCAHR, or
  • Academic members of the CIPD (Academic MCIPD) who have attained the equivalent certified academic status with the CIPD in the UK

Who can apply?

To apply to become a Certified Academic member, you will most likely have attained any of these positions:

  • Senior or Principal Lecturer, Senior Teaching Fellow, Curriculum Leader or equivalent academic position
  • Senior/Principal Researcher or Senior/Principal Research Fellow
  • Lecturer and evidence of substantial research or teaching and learning contribution to the HR field

The Certified Academic member would normally possess a PhD or Doctoral qualification/or equivalent.

Apply via the Academic Pathway


Academic members of CIPD

HR academics who are Academic Members (Academic MCIPD or Academic FCIPD) of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in UK may apply to become a Certified Academic HR member (CAHR) via the CIPD Reciprocity Pathway. The CIPD reciprocity agreement pathway recognises an equivalent academic certification pathway has already been undertaken with the CIPD. 

Learn about the CIPD Reciprocity Pathway


Not the right certified academic level for you?

Learn about becoming a Fellow Academic (FCAHR) or Academic Member (AMAHRI)