TAS Conference:
The Future of Work, Now.
Friday 25 November, 9:00am – 5:00pm
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart


With a full day of content from a variety of speakers, there is something for everyone in the HR industry. We will examine what people professionals need to know now; trends that will inform our action and what the recent past could tell us about what may lie ahead for our organisations

The program for the day is summarised here, with all the session descriptions listed below. Click a session title to jump to its description or a speaker’s name to open their biography.

9:00 AMConference Opening 
9:15 AMSession 1: Preparing Now for What’s Next Michael McQueen – Trend forecaster and bestselling author
10:15 AMNetworking 
10:30 AMSession 2: AHRI & The Future of HR

Sarah McCann-Bartlett – CEO, AHRI

11:00 AMMorning tea 
11:30 AMSession 3: Purposeful Leadership and Winning the War for TalentLauren Jauncey – Senior Consultant, ByMany
12:20 PMSession 4: Hollywood Motivation Just Doesn’t Cut ItClare Desira – CEO, Top Five Movement
1:10 PMLunch 
1:55 PMSession 5: Creative Collaboration – responding to workforce challengesStacey Joseph – Chief Operating Officer, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2:45 PMSession 6: Not For Profit: People and Policy Challenges and Opportunities Post Covid

Mohammad Aldergham – CEO, Variety

Emily Briffa – CEO & Co-founder, Hamlet Inc

Angela Abbott – Chief Operating Officer, Colony 47

Lesley MacKay – General Manager, Tasmania, The Smith Family

3:35 PMAfternoon tea 
4:05 PMSession 7: Our Healthcare FutureKathrine Morgan-Wicks – Secretary and State Health Commander, Department of Health
4:55 PMClosing commentsFreya Beech

Session Descriptions

Session 1: Preparing Now for What’s Next

How to thrive in an age of uncertainty.

Disruption is something that every organization and leader has experienced at scale in recent years. In the aftermath of one of the most tumultuous chapters in human history, now is the time for audacity, adaptability and agility.
Enormous opportunities lie ahead for those that can identify the trends of tomorrow and gear up for them today.
Session overview
In this fast paced and compelling presentation, audiences discover:

  • The key trends that will shape the coming decade with a specific focus on the impacts of AI, HYBRID WORK and the METAVERSE
  • The role GEN Z will play in redefining industry norms and consumer expectations
  • The common CULTURE and MINDSET TRAPS that will set any organization on a collision course with obsolescence and how to avoid them.

Session 2: AHRI & The Future of HR

In this session, Sarah will provide a briefing of AHRI’s activities, new member services and future projects, and the key projects that will enhance AHRIs offering to, support of and engagement with its members.
Sarah will also talk about the key themes that are continuing to shape our workplaces and the profession of HR into the future.

Session 3: Purposeful Leadership and Winning the War for Talent

We will explore the value of creating a purpose-driven culture where leaders dedicate time to defining their authentic leadership purpose and encourage their people to do the same. In doing so, we will cover the commercial case for being purpose driven and personal case (there are proven health benefits to knowing and living your purpose). You will be provided with practical tips and frameworks on how to define your own purpose and support others in doing the same.

Session 4: Hollywood Motivation Just Doesn’t Cut It

You’re watching a movie. You’re really getting into it. The main character is on a heroic journey. Against all odds, they overcome all of the things to get the happy ending. The credits roll and it’s just like what The Age reviewer said: “Inspiring. Moving. Unforgettable.”

How is it that one movie can make us feel anything is possible?

With this newfound motivation, you head back to work with a pep in your step. Only to be greeted by a spiraling inbox, back-to-back Zoom meetings, and a tricky client situation. By the end of the day, the movie is long forgotten and you’re back in the thick of the daily grind.

This is what happens when you rely on Hollywood-style motivation.

In fact, it’s maybe only 1% of what’s needed for lasting change. The other 99% comes from having the tools to help you understand what’s keeping you stuck. The tools to create new habits. The tools to take that spark and turn it into real life results.

At Top Five, we’ve designed our programs to not only kick-start that spark, but we also give people the tools, accountability and support that drives that sustainable change over time.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Future proof your leadership with change mindset and resilience skills that move them from catastrophising and treading water to moving projects forward even during times of change and uncertainty.
  • Retrain, rewire + reset your brain in as little as 20 seconds and learn how to immediately use this new skill with your team.
  • Get simple game-changing tools for a happier week, greater focus, and better results for you + your team. Because how you feel when you show up as a leader every day is important.

Mindset + resilience training isn’t just a nice idea, it gives you a better return on investment on the energy you put into being a generous leader every day.

Session 5: Creative Collaboration – responding to workforce challenges

Labour and skills shortages have been exacerbated by the perfect storm of external factors, this presentation will explore the ways in which business can deploy internal strategies and practices to mitigate some of these issues. Examples of businesses rethinking how they view and manage diversity in the workplace as a solution to recruitment challenges will be discussed. Case studies from Tasmanian businesses will be presented to illustrate the benefits of ongoing capability building as a strategy to increase engagement and productivity. The current environment calls for a change in the demands and capability of leaders and managers to challenge stereotypes, leverage transferable skills and embed this into culture instead of creating and relying on material processes.

Session 6: Not For Profit: People and Policy Challenges and Opportunities Post Covid

A discussion steered towards focusing on the specific issues that NFP/Social Enterprise organisations have faced not only because of covid but how people challenges/opportunities are being met since.

Session 7: Our Healthcare Future

Kath will provide an overview of the opportunities identified as a result of Tasmania’s navigation of the global pandemic and how these will contribute to the Department of Health’s long-term workforce strategy. This strategy is critical in the context of increasing demand for health services in Tasmania driven by an ageing population, changing patterns of disease and increasing multi-morbidity, increasing patient expectations, and emerging technologies.

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