Suzan West

Head of People Development and CEO TasNetworks Enterprise RTO (ERTO)


Leading committed teams that design, develop and deliver strategic organisational development and training initiatives at TasNetworks is a not only Suzan’s work – but it is her passion.

Suzan’s teams work to build a psychologically safe work environment that is inclusive, aligned with TasNetworks behaviours of – Be Curious, Be Brave and Own it. The team aim to ensure their people go home safe – everyday, designing initiatives to ensure their people can be supported in their development and engaged in their career.

Having worked in both the private and public sector in executive leadership development, culture & engagement, DEI, learning & development and coaching, Suzan’s journey has taken her from being a certified Executive Coach, counsellor and facilitator –  to now, leading the dynamic teams at TasNetworks in Organisation Development and the Enterprise RTO.