Husna Pasha

Staff Mental Health Program Lead · The Royal Children's Hospital


Meet Husna Pasha, the extraordinary MC, Host and Founder of the Happychondriac Society. With her vibrant personality and unique approach, she’s revolutionising mental health consulting. As a self-proclaimed “Happychondriac,” Husna believes everyone deserves happiness and support for their mental well-being. Her quirky, outspoken nature and hilarious charm make her a popular host, captivating audiences with her infectious energy.  

Husna’s consulting business focuses on empowering individuals to prioritise their mental health and embrace happiness through positive psychology and self-care practices. She’s breaking down stigmas, one laughter-filled gathering at a time. 

Husna swoops in as a superhero of joy, armed with creative strategies and life-altering advice. She champions self-reflection, gratitude, and mindfulness, encouraging clients to embark on a quest for happiness. Through her work, Husna aims to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health, bringing laughter, insights, and a dash of quirkiness to empower individuals to live happier, healthier lives.