Enhancing Today: Enriching Tomorrow

Join other passionate HR professionals at the AHRI Tasmanian Conference 2023 to collaborate, exchange ideas, and uncover new strategies that will empower you to transform today’s human-centered challenges into tomorrow’s strategic successes.

SESSION 1: Future of work - Rise of the humans

We’re experiencing change at the fastest rate in human history, and one of the things changing more than most is work.

Hear from AHRI Board Member and Futurist Dr Ben Hamer on the trends shaping the Future of Work, the technologies that will shape us, and some tips on how you can best get ready for it.

SESSION 2: Vibrant Senses - Future of Employee Engagement

A deep dive into what it is going to take to attract and keep a workforce who are fluid, principled and can’t be categorised. A workforce where flexibility is as important as salary but nowhere near as important as your impact and sustainability strategies.


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SESSION 3: Unlocking Impact: Connecting strategy to organisational capability

This panel session aims to explore how organisations are moving from perpetually generating and relying upon ‘skills’ to a more holistic understanding of organisational capability as a route to strategy realisation. The panel will be invited to delve into the crucial aspects of developing effective strategies and building organisational capabilities to drive success in today’s highly volatile business context.

Through interactive discussion between panelists, the moderator and the audience, the session aims to generate deep insight and discuss practical experiences from across different sectors, exploring the critical linkages between strategy formulation, execution, and organisational capabilities. The discussion will highlight how leaders and managers might align strategic intent with internal capabilities to adapt to dynamic economic and market landscapes.

SESSION 4: The good, the bad and the genuinely vulnerable - Why Australia needs a fresh approach to workplace relations

There appears to be a growing disconnect between the way we, as Australians, live, work and do business.  So, why is our regulatory system not keeping up with the pace of change? 

In this thought-provoking examination of our current system of workplace regulation, Charles will consider the good and the bad within the second tranche of industrial relations law proposed by the Australian Government and the role of HR practitioners in guiding us to a better place, both practically, and politically.

SESSION 5: High performance mindset

Is your team struggling to maintain focus and balance in your fast-paced work environment? Just like athletes train their bodies and minds to achieve peak performance, it’s possible for corporate professionals to train their minds to achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.

In this session you will learn how to prioritise balance, embed healthy habits and maintain discipline to navigate challenges with focus and clarity. Get the tools to train your mindset for peak performance and rediscover the joy of a balanced life.

Jay has worked with some of the most reputable brands in the industry, including IAG, Woolworths and Westpac, teaching their teams actionable insights on how to achieve greater success and satisfaction. As an ex-athlete, ex-corporate warrior, husband and father, Jay understands the pressures of modern life and how to beat your endless to-do list.

SESSION 6: Gender equal workplaces into the future

This presentation will cover an understanding about what organisations are or should be doing now in order to meet future demands of the economy, industry, organisations and the individual. An exploration of capability development for better inclusion and belonging outcomes to be effective in the near future would be perfect.

SESSION 7: Learnings from the world of Startups and Entrepreneurship

Startups are an increasingly important source of economic growth and job creation in many parts of the world. They impact our personal and professional lives in myriad ways. What can we learn from the startup and entrepreneurial mindsets to enhance today and enrich tomorrow? 


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