Thilan Legierse

Leadership Coach & Mediator
Win-Win Matters


Thilan has 30 + years of professional experience, including 10+ years as a leadership coach and a mediator. She works with teams and leaders across private, public, not-for-profit and global organisations to build thriving leaders and teams.

After working as a barrister in a commercial law firm in the Netherlands, Thilan worked for the United Nations for 12 years on human rights and war crimes in Switzerland, Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and an International Tribunal (ICTY).

In 2009, Thilan and her family migrated to Australia, where she worked for the AGD, Multicultural SA and as a HR Manager for the Department for Education.

Thilan now has clients all over the world, using her legal and human resource background to help people find practical solutions to complex leadership challenges so they can build great teams and thrive at work and in life.

Thilan is the author of the book “Dealing with Conflict at Work” and is also a national assessor for NMAS and has spoken at conferences. She has several online leadership programs and provides training in all areas of leadership, especially skills to lead oneself, lead others and lead transformation.