IR Elevate · Thursday 26 October

Examine the hot industrial and employee relations topics and changes that are impacting workplaces and the HR profession.

KEYNOTE from the Fair Work Commission
SESSION 1: The criminalisation of our workplace laws

Wage theft, corrupting benefits, industrial manslaughter, work health safety custodial sentences – why is it that criminal terminology and criminal sanctions are now applicable to Australian workplaces and what does it mean?

Join Luke Holland to discuss the background, the current state of play, what this means and the anticipated further growth of this area.

SESSION 2: KEYNOTE from the Fair Work Commission

The laws covering sexual harassment in the workplace changed 6 March 2023. The law now prohibits sexual harassment in connection with work. Commissioner Emma Thornton will outline and explore this new jurisdiction for the Fair Work Commission and the impact on employers and employees.

SESSION 3: Turning workplace conflict into an opportunity for organisational growth using effective ADR

Participants will walk away from this session with an enhanced understanding of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques, and why and when they can be best used.

Drawing upon her extensive experience as a HR Manager, mediator, lawyer and investigator, Thilan will share the potential risks of ADR methods versus other methods of conflict resolution and how these risks can be mitigated.

Recognising that every issue is an opportunity for learning and improvement, Thilan will demonstrate how effective use of ADR methods will contribute to boosting the overall staff morale, increasing productivity, organisational growth and happy teams.

SESSION 4: Lawyers, culture changers, and HR practitioners: What’s respect got to do with it?

Join Julia and Sally as they take you on a ‘choose your own adventure’, navigating a report of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Learn about the trials, tribulations, pitfalls and processes that will keep you ahead of the game, and at the forefront of best practice.


You’ve taken in a lot of information. Your mind is buzzing with ideas, new connections, conversations. So, let’s take a moment to let it land.

Amanda Goodfellow will take delegates through mindfulness meditation practice to bring you back into a state of relaxed, calm and clear – ready to take on the afternoon.

SESSION 5: Finding the evidence CSI style

This session will provide an in-depth insight as to how computer forensics is used in finding evidence pertaining to anything from sexual harassment to murder cases. 

This session will take on the format of real-life cases studies, using each set of circumstances to unravel each mystery.  So, please join in, following the digital evidence path.

SESSION 6: Reforming the Fair Work Act: What's been done and what's still to come

Professor Andrew Stewart will take stock of the various changes to the Fair Work Act made or proposed by the Albanese Government, including on fixed or contingent term employment, the definition of casual employment, regulation of labour hire, and protections for “employee-like” workers.

SESSION 7: Face-saving exits

Join Will as he explores the paths to an effective and respectful negotiated separation – covering the issues of when and where a separation may be suitable, the key terms of release agreements and preserving your position if agreement can’t be reached. The approach can be a very useful alternative to dismissal in certain situations.


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