HR Elevate · Wednesday 25 October

Explore the ways in which we can lift HR practice to the next level and add more value within organisations.

Continuing the journey of respectful and inclusive workplaces: In conversation with Elizabeth Broderick AO

Elizabeth’s major achievements, as Australia’s longest standing Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007-2015), included the implementation of a gender equality blueprint for the nation; playing a significant role in the introduction of Australia’s national paid parental leave scheme; and progressing major law reform including in the area of sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

In 2017, Elizabeth was appointed by the United Nations in Geneva as a Special Rapporteur and Independent Expert of the UN Working Group on discrimination against women and girls. In this role, she undertakes UN country missions and has a global mandate to issue official UN communications to nation states drawing their attention to human rights violations, particularly against women and girls.

She is the Founder and Convenor of the Champions of Change Coalition a globally recognised, disruptive strategy for achieving gender equality and advancing women in leadership. Comprising groups of over 270 CEOs covering every major sector of the economy.

Elizabeth is Chair of Gender and Disaster Australia Expert Advisory Committee and a member of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership Advisory Council, Kings College London. In 2016, Elizabeth was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia and was named NSW Australian of the Year.

SESSION 2: The vulnerability paradox

How people, teams and organisations get stronger in times of disruption and adversity when they stop wasting effort concealing their vulnerabilities. Gill Duck will draw from recent studies of the compelling experiences of Australian leaders across a range of industry sectors to reveal:

  • Why these leaders credit greater personal vulnerability as a key to their success in navigating turbulent times
  • The seven signs that people are authentically demonstrating vulnerability and why it matters.
  • The positive and powerful connection between psychological safety, an adaptive mindset, and effectiveness in handling ambiguity and rapid change
  • How HR professionals can play a vital role in fostering resilience and adaptability by modelling and reinforcing a people-first mindset and culture in which vulnerability is recognised as a strength

Participants will leave with a simple, practical framework and self-reflection tools to guide themselves and colleagues to better embrace turbulence and to turn adversity to advantage.

SESSION 3: Tiny habits for cultivating inclusive workplaces

Most HR professionals are well aware that in order to flourish in the 21st century, both organisations and individuals need to cultivate curiosity, learn from failure and stay open to new ways of thinking, doing and being. An uncertain future requires that we challenge the status quo, explore novel ideas and embrace difference. Unfortunately, the in-group effect – the unconscious bias that leads us to preference those people in our environment with whom we have most in common – leads us to assess others’ input, mistakes, successes and behaviour not on their own merit, but on whether our unconscious thinking system designates them as one of ‘us’ or one of ‘them’.

In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn how to recognise when the in-group effect may be at play and what you – as an individual, an HR practitioner and a leader – can do to dial down its impact and cultivate a more inclusive workplace.

SESSION 4: Checked out or tuned in? How to stop disengagement and rebuild collaboration at work

We know that clear purpose, kind communication and shared vision are all important to building collaborative teams, but what do we do when the team has completely checked out? What causes teams to disengage, and what is the cost?

In this interactive session, Amanda will talk about the main drivers of disengagement and share her three keys to building happier, collaborative and more productive people at work.

SESSION 5: Emotional accountability: The key to elevating your culture

Emotion is the root cause of all culture challenges and the key to unlock exceptional performance in all areas of your life at work, at home and in your personal world. How people manage their emotions through the day, every day, impacts performance, how they communicate and collaborate with others and how well they treat their colleagues, customers, and stakeholders at work and in all personal relationships.

At this short presentation, Michelle Stanton will share with us how emotions impact outcomes in all areas of life, and a unique methodology for managing your emotions. She calls it ‘Getting in the Zone’! When everyone in your business is in the Zone, you have Zone Culture – a culture of peak performance underpinned by the emotional wellbeing of all your people.

Extraordinary culture is possible for any organisation that invests in their human capital and many rewards will flow.

SESSION 6: The new equation: Exploring the future of the world of work

This will be a dynamic panel discussion where industry leaders and experts will come together to engage in an insightful exchange of ideas and provide valuable insights on navigating the future of work and the ever changing landscape.

Topics such as technology’s transformative power, artificial intelligence, automation, human-centered approaches to work, work-life balance, inequality, inclusivity, and resilience will be explored.

SESSION 7: How to attract and retain talent in 2024, through authentic, strategic employer branding

In a complex, uncertain and ever-changing talent market, we have to be truly strategic in how we engage current and future talent. In this lively, inspirational, practical session, Mark Puncher will show you how.

He’ll share the latest insights and perspectives on where the talent market is heading, and reveal the secret ingredients of developing a contemporary employer brand that sets you apart. Attendees will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of employer branding in 2024 – why it matters and the impact it can have
  • The four key ingredients of effective employer branding, and how you can deploy these, whatever your organisation’s size or situation
  • Best practice examples, creative ideas and human stories that will have you laughing, crying and everything in between

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