Anna Lee CAHRI

Director, Leed Consulting Founder, Hacks for Her


After a diverse career spanning the higher education, publishing and entertainment industries, Anna established Anna Lee Consulting (ALC) in 2008, when her first child was 6 weeks old (not something she’d recommend!). Her mission: to support women to take charge of their lives and careers.

Over the next six years Anna worked with hundreds of women across all levels of organisational hierarchies, from recent graduates to CEOs. While she loved supporting women to unlearn unhelpful gendered expectations, in 2014 her frustration at the lack of cultural and systemic change occurring in many workplaces led Anna to join her brother Diarmid at Leed Consulting. Since then she has worked with some of South Australia’s biggest employers to cultivate inclusive leaders, teams and organisations.

While Anna continues to work with employers to build inclusive, equitable workplaces, in 2021 she launched Hacks for Her, where she aims to equip women with the career navigation skills required to flourish in professional terrains designed for and by men.

Anna is one of only a handful of Tiny Habit certified coaches in Australia, and has sat on a number of Boards and Management Committees, including the South Australian Premier’s Council for Women.