VIC Analytics network

This network aims to bring together HR professionals who are interested in HR data and analytics, to share and learn new practices and knowledge and ultimately create the shift from ‘no sight’ to ‘insight’ to ‘foresight’.

Upcoming network forums

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Committee members

Vanessa Doake

This network is run by AHRI members. They are HR professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to expand the scope of knowledge in this specific HR area of interest.

Types of activities

  • Assisting with the organisation and planning of the professional development calendar
  • Discussing ideas, current trends and developments that are of interest
  • Assisting with access to experts, both practitioners and thought leaders, for presentations and comment
  • Developing research opportunities for recommendation to AHRI national office.


Find out more about attraction, recruitment and retention at AHRI:ASSIST – a member-only directory of information, reports, fact sheets, legal updates, checklists, guidelines and more.