NSW Health, Safety and Wellbeing network

Health, safety and wellbeing are a consistent focus in the modern organisation. The NSW Health, Safety and Wellbeing network aims to provide practical information and insights on current and topical safety, health, wellbeing and rehabilitation issues to assist all HR professionals in navigating this increasingly complex and diverse service requirement.

Legislative requirements are important; however, this network aims to move beyond compliance to share effective implementation lessons that changes behaviour and creates a better workplace for all.

Upcoming network forums

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Committee members

The NSW Health, Safety and Wellbeing network is run by AHRI members. They are HR professionals with specific WHS and wellbeing experience who volunteer their time and expertise to expand the scope of knowledge in this specific HR area of interest.

Types of activities

  • Assisting with the organisation and planning of the professional development calendar
  • Discussing ideas, current trends and developments that are of interest
  • Assisting with access to experts, both practitioners and thought leaders, for presentations and comment
  • Developing research opportunities for recommendation to AHRI national office.


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