National Convention & Exhibition 2024


20 – 22 AUGUST 2024

Arun Pradhan

General Manager of Learning, ANZ


A self-described curious and empathetic human, Arun Pradhan is an experienced learning, performance, and innovation strategist, having developed solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies. He was recognised by the AITD as Australia’s Learning Professional of the Year in 2017 and has developed an international reputation, particularly for his work in enabling learning agility and using design thinking to co-design impactful blended learning solutions.  

Arun has broad experience in emerging technologies and is an unashamed geek when it comes to learning science, cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, marketing, and anything that provides insights into how people think, behave and change. Importantly, Arun is adept at translating his diverse tech knowledge into impactful strategies.  

Arun has previously crowdfunded and founded Learn2Learn, a crash course in learning agility, and most recently has co-founded, a project to help people to ‘be smarter, faster’. He is currently the General Manager for Learning at ANZ.