Richard Rosenow

Vice President, People Analytics Strategy, One Model


Richard Rosenow is a leading expert in the field of people analytics with a broad track record of experiences across companies such as GE, Facebook, Uber, Nike, and Argo AI. His industry knowledge and expertise in the field have enabled him to design and implement innovative solutions and have established him as a thought-leader in this space. With a passion for empowering HR professionals, Richard is dedicated to sharing his experiences and lowering the barriers to entry for those looking to learn more about people analytics. 
As the Vice President of People Analytics Strategy at One Model, Richard is tasked with sharing best practices, developing People Analytics communities, and creating cutting-edge research that supports HR and People Analytics leaders. He is committed to staying at the forefront of industry developments and actively participates in the People Analytics community by attending and promoting meetups, broadcasting open roles in People Analytics, and sharing his insights on the field via LinkedIn.