Rhonda Brighton-Hall FCPHR

Founder and CEO, mwah – Making Work Absolutely Human


Rhonda Brighton-Hall is Founder and CEO of “mwah – Making Work Absolutely Human”, a company she established in late 2016. An unashamedly human voice for ‘culture and belonging, Rhonda is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts in HR, specialising in leadership, diversity, and the future of work. She is perhaps more famous for keeping the ‘human’ piece front and centre. With a fundamental belief that inclusion and good leadership are not only foundational for good organisational people practices but equally of more equitable and prosperous economies and communities, Rhonda’s belief is built on her philosophy that work is a fundamental human right – to contribute; to use hands, minds, strength, creativity, and sometimes even hearts to contribute to the community in which one lives. 

This contribution is what gives people a sense of purpose, of belonging, of being useful and that the more who contribute, the better the team, the organisation, the country, the economy, the society and the world. Rhonda’s career has spanned four large multinationals − BHP, Sara Lee, Luxottica, and CBA enabling her to live and work in Europe, Asia, and the USA. She now works with entrepreneurs, businesses, and leaders focused on improving the way we work.