Peter Burow

Founding Partner and Chairman, NeuroPower Group


Peter is Founding Partner and Chairman of NeuroPower Group and author of the ground-breaking NeuroPower Framework, a system which explains human behaviour through the integration of neuroscience, psychology, and best practice management theory.  

Throughout his career, Peter has authored several other books on the application of neuroscience and behavioural economics to business and leadership, including The NeuroScience of High Performance Teaming, Core Beliefs, The Change Handbook, and Leadership Style Finder 

Highly regarded as an expert in leadership, business transformation, strategy, and culture, he is internationally recognised as a trusted advisor to senior executive teams faced with leading complex people challenges such as mergers and acquisitions, changes in senior leadership, large-scale restructures, significant cultural performance uplifts and organisational realignments due to changes in markets, policy, leadership, or governments.  

Peter’s work has also been applied in schools, remote communities, and to help bridge cultural divides through common language. He is a recipient of an honorary diploma from the Maya-Lenca people of El Salvador and been invited to share insights with the UN Peace University in Costa Rica.