Lucy Adams

CEO, Disruptive HR


Lucy Adams is one of the most innovative and inspirational speakers in the HR profession. Having led HR in organisations through significant periods of disruption, such as the BBC, she knows why people practices have to change and offers genuinely fresh perspectives on how to do it. Passionate about driving change in the HR industry and helping individuals and organisations succeed, she offers alternatives to traditional leadership and provides practical examples of how companies are already implementing these new trends. Her unique EACH model (Employees as Adults, Consumers and Human Beings) provides a re-set for people practices making them relevant and impactful in a disrupted world.

Having held Board-level HR roles in a number of large organisations, Lucy founded Disruptive HR five years ago, a consultancy focused on modernizing HR practices for organisations. She and her team now work globally with business leaders and HR professionals to help them lead, engage, and develop their people differently. Lucy is a renowned speaker and author, having written two books on HR transformation, HR Disrupted and The HR Change Toolkit, in which she shares her insights and expertise on how HR can drive organisational change and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving world of work. Lucy is well-known for her ability to convey complex HR concepts in a clear and actionable manner and is highly sought after for her expertise in the latest HR trends and technologies.