Donna Young MAHRI

Group Employee Relations Director, Accenture Australia and New Zealand


Donna is the Head of Employee Relations at Accenture and has transformed approaches to People & Culture in multiple countries with her market-leading Employee Relations expertise. Introducing the philosophy that a trusted Employee Relations framework is the critical foundation for success in any talent strategy, Accenture operates under Donna’s concept that Employee Relations shapes the way employees relate to organisations; while simultaneously diminishing commercial, media / reputational and legal risks.  

In addition to the professional services sector, Donna’s experience includes industrial relations and workforce strategy in the government sector, public-private partnerships advisory, negotiations with, and on behalf of, unions; and corporate sector consultancy. 

In December 2022, Donna and her team won AHRI’s Technology Impact Award for myTimeOff, the innovative overtime management tool which mitigates wage underpayment and psychosocial hazards by embedding a culture of putting employee health first.