NEXT Keynotes

Hear from inspiring local and international thought leaders in HR and business.

Tuesday 8 August

8.30am – 10.10am

1: A New Social Contract for Teams

Keith Ferrazzi, Entrepreneur and global thought leader in the relational and collaborative sciences

The future of society will be driven by teamship, not leadership — the value created by the interdependency of talent, not by an individual — and it’s time for a new social contract for teams.   

Want to get something done? Form a squad, a troupe —a team. The basic organising principle of a productive society has always been a team. But today, teams are stuck. Twenty years ago, we were told there were five dysfunctions of a team. In a more volatile, networked, diverse, and inclusive world than the one Pat Lencioni wrote about all those years ago, we’re still settling for 10% when we should be shooting for 10x. The result? Teams are among the least curated and poorest performing attributes of business and society today.    

We’ve over-indexed on leadership and all-but-ignored the value that lies in the interdependency of talent in teams. We need to think about the social contract of teamship—not leadership—to solve the most pressing problems we face as the world continues to become more complex. When teams commit to adopting highly-collaborative behaviors that nurture psychological safety and build trust, we create a dynamic of constant and unbounded co-creation where each interdependent team member shares responsibility for crossing the finish line together. 

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Tuesday 8 August 

4.05pm – 4.50pm

2: Rebellious curiosity

Yemi Penn, Thought leader for transformation, productivity, diversity and inclusion 

Yemi will remind the audience that they are the ones they have been waiting for, inviting them to understand the roles they play and therefore the influence they have in disrupting their industry. She will do this by guiding them to ignite their rebellious curiosity, operating with grace as they change the narrative to achieve different results.

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Wednesday 9 August

8.45am – 10.10am

3: Disrupting HR for a disrupted world

Lucy Adams, CEO, Disruptive HR 

In her keynote speech Lucy will look at how HR and leadership practices need to change fundamentally to keep pace with the needs of our organisations and our people. She will provide a fresh framework for rethinking leadership and HR – the EACH model (employees as adults, consumers and human beings) and she will provide practical examples of how HR and leaders are already implementing these new trends. She will also explore how HR can become more agile, more responsive and more credible and will share how HR teams are changing how they work and deliver. 

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Wednesday 9 August

1.15pm – 2.30pm

4: I, Human: AI, automation, and the quest to reclaim what makes us unique

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Innovation Officer at Manpower Group, Co-founder of Deeper Signals and Metaprofiling, and Professor of Business Psychology at University College London and Columbia University 

It’s no secret that AI is changing the way we live, work, love, and entertain ourselves. Dating apps are using AI to pick our potential partners. Retailers are using AI to predict our behavior and desires.  Companies are using AI to hire us—or not.  

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic argues that while AI has the potential to change our lives for the better it can also worsen our bad tendencies, making us more distracted, selfish, biased, narcissistic, entitled, predictable, and impatient – but it doesn’t have to be this way, we can still stand out and thrive and it’s up to us to adapt and determine how we want to live and work.  

Speaker appearing via live stream

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Wednesday 9 August

2.45pm – 3.40pm

5: Aligning social purpose and business values: The vocal CEO

Craig Foster AM, Australian retired soccer player and human rights activist 

What does it mean to be a ‘Vocal CEO’? Let’s explore this in today’s session which considers the need for a new paradigm of leadership as today’s consumers and prospective employees – who are the future leaders of your organisation – expect a clearly articulated purpose and complete alignment across an organisation, especially from the CEO, on matters such as First Nations rights, gender equality, LGBTIQ+ and other issues. 

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