Trent Innes

National Convention & Exhibition 2022

Monday 15 August – Wednesday 17 August


How this secret coffee cup test rattled the way we think about culture

Trent Innes, CEO, Compono

Starting his career as a practising accountant, Trent saw first-hand the opportunity technology presents to growing businesses. He has more than two decades’ experience growing and managing major businesses across the technology sector. Trent was previously the Managing Director of Xero Australia and Asia. During his eight-year tenure he successfully scaled the Australia business to over 1.2 million subscribers and set up the Asia business.  He previously worked for Microsoft and is also actively engaged in advising a number of early start-up and scaling companies. He has deep knowledge and experience in what it takes to scale technology businesses. Trent is passionate about fostering a thriving technology industry in Australia and using collaboration to bring this to life. He is spearheading Compono’s growth into new markets and helping the business capitalise on the rapidly evolving needs of employers as they deal with talent shortages and an increasingly remote workforce. Trent’s hard work was recognised when he was named the IT and Telecommunications Executive of the Year and took home the coveted title of Managing Director of the Year at CEO Magazine’s 2017 Executive of the Year Awards.

Overview of presentation

You’ve heard of storms in teacups, but what about coffee cups? That’s exactly what happened to Trent Innes (CEO, Compono), when his secret test to evaluate culture alignment inadvertently escaped from the ‘lab’, igniting a global debate that generated 183 million views and thousands of comments. Attend this fun and informative session, and hear directly from Trent on:

  • His secret way to test for culture, and why it’s so important
  • How this landed on the radar of global mainstream media
  • Lessons from being in the middle of a viral conversation about culture
  • 3 simple steps to build a better culture, starting today.