Rebecca Skilbeck

National Convention & Exhibition 2022

Monday 15 August – Wednesday 17 August


Master your metrics: 5 key measures to prove your ROI

Rebecca Skilbeck, Head Of Customer Insights & Market Research, Pageup

Rebecca Skilbeck is Head of Customer Insights and Market Research at PageUp. She has over 20 years of experience as a research analyst in a career that has included academia, consulting and equity investment. Rebecca is experienced in delivering product, thematic and strategic human capital management research and thought leadership. On the day-to-day Rebecca thrives on working with PageUp customers to understand how their talent management practices are tracking and how they can be improved.

Overview of presentation

There are 5 recruitment metrics that separate leading organisations from the rest. Do you know what they are? Join Rebecca Skilbeck, PageUp Head of Customer Insights & Market Research, as she shares 5 crucial recruitment metrics every hiring team should track if they want to prove their worth. 

You’ll hear about:

  1. Tracking and measuring key metrics 
  2. Hiring benchmarks for 2022
  3. Customer case studies and more.