Monica Watt

National Convention & Exhibition 2022

Monday 15 August – Wednesday 17 August


The Era of Choice: Empowering Employees in the New World of Work

Monica Watt, ELMO Software

Monica Watt, CHRO of ELMO Software across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, has more than 20 years of experience leading business operations, compliance and human resources in public, private, not-for-profit, academic and government sectors. Monica is committed to bringing people, practice and technology together.

Overview of presentation

The pandemic has shifted employees’ thinking from why, to why not? Why can’t I work a condensed week? Why can’t I work remotely? It’s forced employers to rethink essential business practices and embrace the rapidly changing nature of work if they want to retain, motivate, and engage their staff. But while hybrid work is here to stay, how do organisations ensure it doesn’t damage productivity in the long-term? In this session, ELMO’s Group CHRO, Monica Watt, will discuss: 

  • How to maintain and strengthen company culture within a dispersed workforce
  • The importance of flexibility, choice, and autonomy for today’s workers
  • How to get managers on board with the shift from input to outcome
  • Why it’s time to forget the five-day-week