Karlie Cremin

National Convention & Exhibition 2022

Monday 15 August – Wednesday 17 August


Digital Transformation of Employee Experience

Karlie Cremin, Managing Director, ThriveBYB

Karlie has worked extensively with businesses to craft strategies and business models that yield superior results. With experience ranging from construction to not for profits to government bodies and imports, Karlie has a broad range of skills and experience that assists any business she works with.

With a strong focus on business sustainability and profitability, Karlie recognises that building efficient systems and utilising technology creates sustainable organisations.

Karlie has worked with businesses for over 15 years to create, implement and realise their strategies through harnessing the power of technology and their people.

Overview of presentation

Employee experience is critical for talent attraction, retention and overall productivity, and digital tools are essential to optimising this experience.

This session will cover:

  • How to select the right digital products to enhance employee experience
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your digital environment
  • How to easily implement digital products to transform employee experience – without needing a software development team!