Brian Donn

National Convention & Exhibition 2022

Monday 15 August – Wednesday 17 August


Not quite disruption-proof

Brian Donn, Managing Director for ANZ,

Brian Donn is the Managing Director of Ceridian in Australia and New Zealand.

With more than 20 years’ market experience, Brian has held leadership positions across the APAC region including Oracle, Verint Systems Inc, KANA Software, Sword Group and Ciboodle.  

At Ceridian, Brian is focussed on delivering market leading outcomes for customers by empowering customers with the digital transformation of their people processes in a constantly changing world of work. 

Rich Hirst, Founder and CEO Advisor, Abundium

Rich’s trade and training is performance psychology, i.e. understanding the conditions and dispositions of humanity at its best. He has supported the success of over 100,000 leaders and 1,000 CEOs around the world. Much of his career has been inside HR or partnering with HR teams. In 2018 he founded Abundium (previously known as Tenfold Australia) with the massive transformative purpose to ‘tenfold leadership impact for an abundant world’. 

Overview of presentation

Ceridian’s 2022 Executive Survey show 70%+ of executives are confident about managing disruption. But our findings also show that organisations need to do more to build a change-ready culture, resilient leadership, and agile systems needed to be prepared for any disruptions. Join our session to learn how to build organisational resilience and manage tomorrow’s disruptions.