Diversity and inclusion conference resources


AHRI Research reports
  • Benchmarking Diversity & Inclusion Practices in Australia Report – University of Sydney Business School, Diversity Council of Australia & AHRI (2018)
  • Employing Older Workers Report – AHRI & Australian Human Rights Commission (2018)
  • Domestic Violence and HR Report – AHRI, Australian National University & UNSW Business School (2017)
  • Inclusion and Diversity Research Report (2017)
  • New Disability Employment Services from 2018 (2016) 
  • National Disability Employment Framework – AHRI’s submission to the Disability Employment Taskforce (July 2015) 
  • Proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 – AHRI’s submission to the Attorney General’s Department (April 2014)
2018 AHRI Award case studies
  • Stan Grant Indigenous Employment Award – Danila Dilba Health Service
  • Susan Ryan Age Diversity Award – Department of Finance
  • Inclusive Workplace Award – Level Crossing Removal Authority
  • Michael Kirby LGBTIQ Inclusion Award – QBE
  • Graeme Innes Disability Employment Award – Uniting Local Area Coordination Program

Articles and videos

  • D&I Maturity Model Presentation
  • AHRI I&D Conference 2019
  • World’s first model with Down Syndrome prove diversity is good for business
  • Nicola Heath HRM Online (February 2019)
  • “Don’t underestimate us” – a worker with disability speaks out
  • Kate Neilson, HRM Online, November 2018
  • A look at top Indigenous employment programs
  • Natasha Hancock, HRM Online, November 2018 
  • A CEO shares his diversity mindset
  • Girard Dorney, HRM Online, November 2018 
  • Age diversity programs: the best of the best
  • Neena Bhandari, HRM Online, October 2018 
  • Diversity in architecture: designing a gender-balanced office
  • Nicola Heath, HRM Online, September 2018 
  • There are still barriers to LGBTIQ inclusion, but HR can help
  • HRM Online, June 2018 
  • The business case for diversity
  • Chloe Hava, HRM Online, May 2018 
  • Insights from the AHRI I&D conference in Sydney
  • HRM Online, video, May 2018 
  • Gender diversity in the workplace: are we there yet?
  • Lyn Goodear, HRM Online, March 2018 
  • 2 reasons why there aren’t more women in tech
  • HRM Online, video, February 2018
  • AI will have a huge impact on diversity in the workplace
  • Mikaela Dery, HRM Online, November 2017 
  • Why you need to keep employees who experience the onset of disability
  • Neena Bhandari, HRM Online, October 2017 
  • Domestic Violence and HR Report
  • AHRI, Australian National University & UNSW Business School, September 2017
  • How diversity actually works, and helps the bottom line
  • Girard Dorney, HRM Online, September 2017 
  • The anti-diversity bias we all have – and how to fight it
  • Bianca Healey, HRM Online, July 2017 
  • Three lessons from AHRI’s 2017 Inclusion and Diversity conference 
  • HRM Online, video, May 2017
  • Diversity is good for business: here are 5 reasons why
  • Karen Gately, HRM Online, April 2017 
  • Tara Moss: On the impact of HR and gender equality
  • HRM Online, video, March 2017
  • Inclusion and Diversity Research Report
  • AHRI, January 2017 
  • Inclusion and diversity: Organisations on the frontline 
  • Bianca Healey, HRM Online, January 2017
  • A lack of inclusion and diversity: Is the boss to blame? 
  • Amanda Woodard, HRM Online, January 2017
  • Who is responsible for promoting LGBTIQ inclusion in the workplace? (November 2016)
  • Inclusion and diversity: What happens when things get personal (November 2016)
  • Same sex marriage: Does the law make LGBTI inclusion difficult? (September 2016)
  • Forging a path to inclusion and diversity in the workplace (May 2016)

AHRI Member Resources

Information sheets
  • Diversity management 
  • Strategies to improve diversity in your organisation 
  • Diversity and disability employment 
  • Gender equity 
  • Managing Unconscious Bias (Half-day short course) 
  • Disability awareness (eLearning module)
  • Discrimination and equal employment opportunity (eLearning module)
  • Diversity in the workplace (eLearning module)


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