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The 400-series visa - an update on the changes and what they mean to your organisation

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1 hour
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1 hours
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Thursday 16 February, 2017
12:00 – 1:00pm (AEDST)
* Please  note Online registrations close 24 hours prior to the webinar commencing

Join Michael Walker and John Unger from TSS Immigration - - as they clarify recent changes to the temporary work visas in what is called the 400-series:  the 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist), 408 Temporary Activity, 407 Training, 403, Temporary Work (international Relations), the 457 Temporary Work (Skilled).

The visa names may leave you wondering which is the right visa to use?

What situations are these visas designed for?  And how might your company take best advantage of them?  How to avoid costly errors?   

The 400-series visas were revamped and re-organised on 19 November, 2016.  What rule changes are relevant for you, and what are the initial learnings during the first few months since.  All Australian employers who use visa sponsorship will potentially have an interest in this presentation.

Attending this webinar will assist participants to understand:

  • Recent changes to the 400-series (Temporary Activity) visa framework
  • Changes to the sponsorship and visa eligibility criteria that matter to HR teams
  • How to decide between using a 400 visa vs. a 457 visa vs. a Training visa vs. a Business ETA?
  • The sponsorship obligations attached to the new visas

Learning Objectives:

  • Be kept up to date on the latest Migration Legislation and Policy changes
  • Learn how the recent legislative changes impact future visas your organisation may intend to sponsor
  • Consider HR strategies to take best advantage of the temporary visa framework
  • Understand the requirements for Australian employers in relation to sponsorship obligations


Michael Walker, Visa Services Manager – TSS Immigration

  • Over 16 years experience in the immigration field.
  • Immediate past National Vice President and Branch President Victoria / Tasmania of the Migration Institute of Australia.
  • Specialist experience in all Australian visa sub classes, as well as large audits, compliance and migration training for corporate HR teams.
  • Plays old man bowls and is a long- suffering Melbourne Football Club supporter.

Michael Walker

John Unger, Director of Immigration – TSS Immigration

  • Over 25 years experience providing visa and immigration services in the private and public sectors.
  • John has extensive experience in the management of immigration services team and the provision of high-level migration advice.
  • Specialist experience working with corporate organisations to assist them in understanding employer sponsored visas for their expatriate assignees, recruits from overseas and local hires.
  • Served in a voluntary capacity as Board Chairman for Spectrum, the Migration Resource Centre in Melbourne.

John Unger