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Mend the Gap – Developing Speakership of Women in Management

Course Type:
1 hour
CPD Hours:
1 hours
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Wednesday 14 June 2017
12:00PM- 1:00PM (AEST)

This webinar focuses on the often-overlooked area of speakership, specifically as it relates to women. Speakership ability involves both art and science. Without conscious awareness, women are more likely to demonstrate vocal patterns reflecting a lack of confidence or the need to be liked – impacting credibility, perceived authority and limiting opportunities for professional growth.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide a framework for building vocal influence (Speakership) of women in management to improve team dynamics, build personal brand visibility and position women as leaders within the organisation.

Learning Objective:

  • To raise awareness about the importance of speakership for leadership development of women

Learning Outcomes:

After attending this webinar, participants will:

  • Explore how the organisational environment contributes to speakership ability
  • Become aware of 4 key areas of disempowering speech habits and patterns
  • Uncover why these patterns exist and what to do about it
  • Develop a framework to assist women improve their speakership ability and leadership presence

Environmental contributors: Culture, standards, attitudes,

Area One: Vocal Patterns that diminish your presence, resourceful and un-resourceful use of

Area Two: Vocal Patterns that expand your presence, resourceful and un-resourceful use of

Area Three: Vocal Patterns that exaggerate importance, origin of, resourceful and un-resourceful use of

Area Four: Vocal Patterns that create comfortable verbal exchanges, resourceful and un-resourceful use of

Frameworks: Developing frameworks and initiatives to support the speakership of women managers

PRESENTER- Kerryn Gamble

Kerryn Gamble is the Author of ‘UNSTOPPABLE – the professional woman’s guide to purpose, power & prosperity’ and Founder of Woman of Worth.

Kerryn is an expert in self-confidence and self-leadership, providing strategy and delivery, of development programs for women. Best known for her impactful and effective strategies for transforming self-doubt, message clarity and physical movement, Kerryn transforms professional women from invisible to influential.

In her role as Vice President of Professional Speakers Australia (VIC/TAS), Kerryn shares her passion and expertise for developing clear, well-articulated messages to assist women communicate with clarity, credibility and clout.

Despite being highly capable and qualified, Kerryn has identified three challenges experienced by many professional women. These are:

1 - UNDERVALUE They doubt themselves and the value of what they offer

2 - UNDERWHELM Their written and spoken message lack impact

3 - UNDERMINE They’re uncomfortable with self-promotion and what others think, which shows up in their physical movement and gestures.

To solve these problems, Kerryn addresses 6-key areas needed for influential communication through her ESTEEMTM Method.

Kerryn believes many challenges professional women face, stem from low self-worth. Whilst the data supports the value of women in business, some women find it challenging to articulate the value they bring to what they do, or question whether they're enough.

To realise her vision of a world where women communicate with conviction and lead by example, Kerryn closes the confidence and achievement gap of female managers, to develop leadership potential of female talent.

Kerryn Gamble