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How to build a business case for changing payroll systems

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1 hour
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1 hours
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Thursday 16 November
11.00AM-12.00PM (AEST)

Free webinar with guest speaker Tracy Angwin

Payroll projects can be risky.

A number of high profile payroll implementation failures prove that changing payroll software carries high risk when done without careful planning.

Join Tracy Angwin, the CEO of Australian Payroll Association as she provides you with the tools to build your own business case for change.

As CEO of Australian Payroll Association, Tracy Angwin has collected many labels and accolades over the past two decades. ‘Thought leader’, ‘bestselling author’, ‘media commentator’ and ‘keynote speaker’ are just a few of them. She is sought out for her commentary and guidance on all topics payroll, from the challenges of today to tomorrow’s trends.

Tracy sees payroll as a critical function that, when done right, leads to high performing and motivated teams. Her mission is make sure employers make the same connection.

Tracy’s commitment to industry excellence has led to the creation of nationally accredited Certificate and Diploma payroll qualifications. As part of the Australian Qualifications Framework, she’s ensured that new standards of professionalism will be bedded down, industry wide, and that talent will see payroll as an attractive career option. The payback to employers is a guarantee of quality and a dedicated place at the table for payroll professionals.

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PRESENTER- Tracy Angwin, CEO of Australian Payroll Association

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