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5 Ways to empower yourself, impact and influence your co-workers and your company

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1 hour
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1 hours
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Thursday 11th August 2016
*Please note registrations close 24 hours prior to the webinar commencing

This presentation is designed to deliver practical and evidence-based information to help you and your team feel more connected, aligned in purpose and driven to make a difference.

Here's what will be covered in the webinar:

- How to create CLARITY so you can be more confident and more present in everything you do;

- Techniques to help you feel more grounded and connected during stressful times;

- How to identify your own barriers so you can expand opportunities for yourself and others;

- How to develop more valuable and meaningful relationships at work;

- How to handle conflict and complex personalities without feeling drained;

- How to feel more inspired and on a 'mission' everyday.

This webinar is designed to equip participants with information and tools to take immediate action towards transformation in both professional as well as personal areas of life.

Suzi Petrozzi

Suzi Petrozzi is a wellness psychologist, coach and expert in delivering emotionally intelligent insight to help ambitious leaders unlock their potential so they can move forward with presence, power and purpose and take on the bigger picture.

She is also a co-director of the award-winning Petrozzi Wellness Centre in Leichhardt, which has been recognised for its outstanding service delivery, customer care and innovation.

Working as a psychologist for over 13 years led Suzi to develop a unique coaching model and business with a focus on wellness and enhancing human potential in all aspects of life.

With experience and training in psychology, personal development, integrative health, as well as business development and marketing, Suzi brings a unique approach to her coaching, mentoring and leadership development. In her presentation she is dynamic, engaging and inspiring.

Suzi Petrozzi

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