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Managing Unconscious Bias - Toolkit

A skills shortage and increased competition are driving organisations to secure talent from an increasingly diverse group. Examining unconscious and conscious bias and the role it plays in the workplace will assist individuals and the organisation to effectively build a diverse and inclusive business.

AHRI's Managing unconscious bias toolkit materials will enable you to disseminate the content within your own organisation. The purpose of the course is to raise awareness of both conscious and unconscious bias and its impact on decision making in the workplace. It will support change and improve diversity outcomes that contribute to the productivity and performance of an organisation.


  • Course agenda
  • Executive briefing - Recommended for Senior Leaders/Executives
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Pre-work; online test to measure unconscious bias
  • Step by step facilitator guide
  • Workbook


  • Understand the link between diversity and inclusion and business benefits
  • Develop an appreciation of the nature and prevalence of bias
  • Be familiar with frameworks to identify, manage and reduce bias
  • Understand how bias impacts workplace decision making
  • Identify ways in which HR interventions can manage and reduce likelihood of bias through effective policies and practices


For more information, please contact us on 1300 239 978 or send an email to

AHRI also provides this course for in-house delivery for groups 6-20 people.

"AHRI's managing unconscious bias at work materials are fantastic. They're well-conceived, cover a huge array of issues, and are completely interactive. After nearly three decades working with and in diversity communities around the globe I can honestly say I haven't seen anything this fresh and relevant in years." Dr Lois Frankel, Author of 'Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office'.

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