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Building Resilience Toolkit


Building resilience and stress management are a necessity to meet the challenges of reorganisation, mergers, budget pressures, technology changes, increasing workloads and all the changes we face for both personal and professional success.

Building resilience can protect employee wellbeing and help to create a positive working environment. This three-hour workshop will provide you with the tools and techniques required to manage stress at work so that you can 'bounce back' in the face of stress and a changing work environment.


The toolkit is suitable for staff at all levels, facing change initiatives wanting to build their resilience in the workplace

Learning outcomes

  • Being able to identify the causes of stress
  • Increase your ability to prepare mentally and plan for positive action and results
  • Understanding the impact of stress
  • Apply effective strategies and tools to manage stress

Format and duration

Practical tools, resilience questionnaire, facilitator led discussion and interactive activities.

Duration: 3 hours

Toolkit inclusions

  • Course agenda
  • Participant workbook
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Step by step facilitator guide

Corporate in-house training

We can also support the toolkit with in-house training delivery, if requested. 

For more information contact our Corporate Accounts Team:


Phone:  1300 239 978

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