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Skills Recognition

AHRI offers Skills Recognition through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) to recognise the skills and knowledge you have gained through formal study, life/work experience and non-accredited training. 

  • Unit 1: The strategic HR professional.
  • Unit 2: The HR organisational environment.
  • Unit 3: Workforce design, development and performance.

Please note:

  • Unit 4 Applied Project in Organisational Capability is not available for Skills Recognition. Candidates will be eligible to undertake Unit 4 upon successful recognition of the above units.
  • Individuals who meet either Recgonition of prior learning (RPL) or Credit transfer (CT) requirements have up to 12 months from their successful application to enrol into the Unit 4. If the period is over 12 months before enrolment a conversation between AHRI and the applicant will be required to reassess the applicant's currency of skills.
  • There are specific application dates that apply for Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning, please ensure to read all the information in the below tabs to understand each process and to apply by the due dates.

Recognition of Prior Learning

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the recognition of skills and knowledge gained through work experience and non-accredited training.

Units eligible for RPL in the APC program include:

  • Unit 1: The strategic HR professional;
  • Unit 2: The HR organisational environment; and
  • Unit 3: Workforce design, development and performance.

Please note: Unit 4 Applied Project in Organisational Capability is not available for RPL. Candidates will be eligible to undertake Unit 4 upon successful completion of RPL.

Who is Eligible?

Candidates who are eligible to apply for an RPL pathway will need to have completed a minimum of six (6) years or more recent experience in a HR generalist role.

HR generalists are required to have broad knowledge of HR and people matters and be able to turn their hand to different aspects from planning to recruitment, performance management to termination, reporting to evaluation.

Please note: If you are not currently an AHRI member and you wish to apply for your RPL assessment in the APC program, please visit AHRI membership to learn how to obtain your professional membership prior to submitting your RPL application.


Per unit$495
RPL Bundle (Units 1,2 & 3)$1,350

2018 - 2019 Dates:

Intake 2,
Intake 3,
Apply for an Eligibility Check   1 Feb 201931 May 2019
Eligibility Confirmed + Sent Link to Enrol and Pay8 Feb 20197 June 2019
Payment Due15 Feb 201914 June 2019
Education Portal Access Granted22 Feb 201921 June 2019
RPL Application Form Due25 Mar 201922 July 2019
Receive RPL Outcome8 Apl 20195 Aug 2019
Unit 4 Enrolments Close15 Apl 201912 Aug 2019

If you are deemed eligible to undertake an RPL pathway, you will be required to complete the RPL Application form and submit your supporting evidence. 

AHRI is not able to offer a refund for an unsuccessful RPL application. We encourage prospective candidates familiarise themselves with the RPL evidence requirements identified in the Sample RPL Application form and guide: 

Step one: Apply for an Eligibility Check

An eligibility check will:

  • Assist in a preliminary assessment of previous work experience, against relevant skills and knowledge requirements of the RPL assessment.

You will need to complete and upload the following documents:

  • Your current CV- (Including a brief overview demonstrating  your 6+ years generalist HR experience); and
  • Any relevant academic transcripts.

Please note: There is no cost associated with applying for an eligibility check.

  • To apply for an eligibility check for Intake 2, 2019 please click here.
Step two: Eligibility confirmation

RPL candidates who are confirmed as being eligible will receive a link to enrol and make payment for the RPL application. Prior to payment, please ensure your AHRI membership is active.

Step three: Complete your RPL application and evidence

Once payment is received you will be granted access to the AHRI Education Portal. 

Complete your RPL application with supporting evidence and upload to the AHRI Education Portal by the due date.

Step four: Receive your RPL outcome

Your RPL application will be assessed by an RPL assessor and you will be informed of your RPL outcome.

Step five: Enrol into Unit 4

If your RPL outcome is successful for units 1, 2 and 3 of the APC, you will be granted eligibility to apply for the Unit 4 Capstone.

You can enrol into Unit 4 under the “Enrol Here” section on the APC webpage.

Credit Transfer

What is Credit Transfer?

Credit Transfer is the recognition of previously completed formal training and/or qualifications. Your previous post-graduate study may count towards credits for units within the APC.

AHRI will consider AHRI accredited course completed within the last 10 years. If your qualification is more than 10 years old, you will be required to submit evidence that  you have maintained involvement in the subject areas, to ensure currency of knowledge and skills.

Who is Eligible?

Credit transfer is only eligible for people who have completed an AHRI accredited post-graduate formal study, combined with a minimum of two (2) or more years recent experience in a HR generalist role, and hold an AHRI professional membership.

AHRI accredited postgraduate courses are automatically eligible for direct credit transfer for units 1, 2 and 3 of the APC program.

View a full list of AHRI Accredited postgraduate courses.


There are no fees for Credit Transfer for AHRI accredited courses.

Credit Transfer applies only to AHRI accredited courses. Hence there is no cost associated.

2018 - 2019 Dates

The following Trimester dates reflect when you need to submit your Credit Transfer documentation so that you can complete Unit 4 Capstone: 

Intake 1,
Intake 2,
Intake 3,
Submit Credit Transfer Documentation23 Nov 201825 Mar 201922 July 2019
CT Confirmed
(confirmation of ability to apply for Unit 4)
7 Dec 20188 Apl 20195 Aug 2019
Unit 4 Enrolments Close14 Dec 201815 Apl 201912 Aug 2019

Ready to Apply?

Step One: Complete the Credit Transfer Application Form

You can download the Credit Transfer Application Form.

Step Two: Apply for Credit Transfer

In order to apply for Credit Transfer you will need to complete an online enrolment form. As part of this form you will be required to upload three documents:

  1. Your current CV;
  2. A certified copy of your AHRI accredited postgraduate qualification testamur; and
  3. A completed Credit Transfer Application Form (as per step one).

Please note: You will need to have an active AHRI membership in order to proceed with your credit transfer application.

Please e-mail with your Credit Transfer application and submit the required documentation.

Step Three: Credit Transfer Outcome Received

You will receive your outcome as per the dates above.

Step Four: Enrol into Unit 4

If your Credit Transfer outcome is successful, you will  be granted eligibility to apply for the Unit 4 Capstone.

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