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I participated as a Mentor in the 2017/2018 AHRI Mentoring Program. I was aligned with Jean Li my Mentee. An amazingly knowledgeable and disciplined young lady who was completing her studies and ready to take on a new challenge in the Australian Human Resource market.

Being a Mentor enabled me to practice the role of listening. A skill often buried in the fast paced, multi-tasking environments many work places have become. Throughout the 12 months Jean demonstrated her knowledge, and maturity to apply her studies and previous experience working overseas to complete her University degree, secure her first HR role in Australia and excel in this position to begin managing a small Team.

I was Jeans sounding board. What I learned from this was how integral it is for new starters in the industry to have somebody else to simply talk through their day. The challenges they face. The tasks they are responsible to complete. The working relationships they need to develop and maintain. How all this sits with their expectations and goals.

We worked throughout the 12 month period remotely as I am based in Newcastle NSW and Jean in Sydney NSW. Across the 2017 Christmas period, we finally met one another face to face. Jean visited Newcastle and we enjoyed a lunch, met respective partners and we chatted about work and life whilst taking in Newcastle’s working harbour. A great day filled with warmth and one I hope to repeat throughout 2018 with Jean and Jeff. Destination TBC.

Tanya Fantini, NSW mentor, 2017

Tanya Fantini has been an exceptional mentor to me.  Our fortnightly phone conversation helped me grow both personally and professionally as a confident HR professional.  In the beginning of the program, I was a bit worried as Tanya was located in Newcastle and I was in Sydney and regular face-to-face catch up was not really possible.  However my rewarding mentoring experience with Tanya proved that distance doesn’t really matter especially when I met a mentor who is generously willing to share her wisdom to her mentee.  

Throughout this 1-year mentoring program, Tanya is always the one who rooting for me, really wanted to help me succeed in building my HR career like my friends and family do.  From job searching techniques,    interview scenario practice, to real life work struggles and career progressions dilemma, Tanya is always there to support and back me up with her valuable, professional advice.  More than telling me what is right or wrong in a theoretical context when I feel frustrated, I feel truly blessed to have the guidance from Tanya based on her past work experience who’s already been through similar situations and how she managed in the end.   Even this year program is coming to an end, I would hope to maintain my relationship with Tanya over time and share all my upcoming career milestones in life with her.  

I would definitely recommend AHRI mentoring program to anyone who feels lost to kick-start their HR career like I did 1 year ago.  This program will offer something more than your expectation, and this will be life-changing and priceless!

Jean Li, NSW mentee, 2017

I would love to share my mentoring experience with AHRI. This was my first time joining the program and I could have not asked for a better mentor and coach.

It was such a rewarding experience. I gained great value from the mentorship program and would highly encourage others to take part in the program if they want to expand their knowledge and step out of their comfort zone. 

My mentor and I had a long distance mentorship as she lives in Perth and I live in Melbourne. Regardless of the distance we made it work. My mentor has inspired me and is the epitome of strength , elegance and leadership.

Thanks AHRI for creating such an educational and rewarding mentoring program.

Francheska, VIC Mentee, 2017

I have been involved with the AHRI Mentoring programme as a Mentor for the years 2014/2015.

I thoroughly enjoyed the role of Mentor and gained much satisfaction from supporting other professionals in the industry less experienced than myself and having an opportunity to give back to the profession.

I have built strong working relationships with my Mentees that are ongoing and would recommend the program to any HR Professional seeking guidance and support in either day to day employment matters or career development.

Maria, WA Mentor, 2014, 2015 and 2018

I am a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) student at the University of South Australia, currently enrolled in the AHRI Student Mentoring program. I am addressing this email to you as you were the initial point of contact who emailed me to advise I had been matched up with my mentor, Kerri Crisanti, a self employed HR Consultant in Adelaide, South Australia.

I just wanted to pass on some feedback regarding the exceptional guidance and mentoring I have received from Kerri in the short period of time since we have been matched up. I have met with Kerri in person on a handful of occasions, and have been blown away by her willingness to offer guidance and insight into the industry, and her knowledge and advice on progressing from a student position (currently completing my final semester), into a practising professional position. Kerri and I were discussing possible work experience placement options, and it was during this time when Kerri forwarded onto me a link for a Graduate Human Resource Officer position she had spotted online, through the South Australian government initiative, Jobs4Youth. 

Kerri provided significant guidance in the application process, including cover letter writing and formatting of my resume, and met with me to discuss interview questions once I had progressed in the application process. I am overjoyed to report that I am now employed within a public sector organisation within a HR Graduate Officer role, and I do contribute much of my success in obtaining this position to Kerri and her ongoing guidance and support.

I just felt it imperative to pass on this feedback as she has been a fundamental cornerstone in my (very young) career development this year, and I am very grateful for both the AHRI mentoring program for providing me with this opportunity, and Kerri herself.

Deala, SA Mentee, 2017

In Janelle I found a truly amazing mentor. I think we have built a great relationship based on trust, respect and openness. She has brought incredible insight and balanced perspectives that I did not otherwise have, in terms of some of the more granular and practical detail around the challenges I was faced with in my workplace and what I ought to think about in terms of what I wanted.

I also received advice which helped me to re-think and re-align my career pathway. It’s been incredible to have had insight from a highly talented woman and also kindly sharing her wisdom on her respective journey. Again what has struck me is the sincerity and openness of the dialogue.

I am delighted to be part of the AHRI Mentoring Program and hope to play an active role in supporting the work of the institute.

Angela, WA Mentee, 2017

I have two excellent Mentees who are challenging the hell out of me and pushing me to my limits. Could life get better than that?

So inspired by both of them, reminding me daily why I love learning (even if it is just to stay 1 chapter ahead of them, I mean wow!)

Loving this program.

Eric, QLD Mentor, 2016

There is a lovely energy in assisting others in growth, simply for the joy of it and its been enormously fulfilling to be involved in the program - keep this going AHRI!

Muffy, NSW Mentor, 2015

I have been a mentee under the AHRI Mentoring Program 2015 - Intake 1.

My mentor Paul is an Executive GM HR.

Paul and I have organised and been following our regular catch ups every 3 weeks, over the phone since we are located in two separate states (NT and WA). However, the geographical distance has not been a barrier. Paul has been an amazing mentor, always available on request, shares a great extent of inspiration and knowledge.

I really liked the way that AHRI had undertaken a match making process in finding a suitable mentor based on mentee’s interests. Please keep such useful and effective program support continued. I can only see positive benefits coming out of such noble program that AHRI runs at minimal cost.

Parul, WA Mentee, 2015

My mentor Priya and I met through AHRI 2011 mentoring program

Through this whole year program, Priya has given me lots of professional and career development advice. We met regularly, email each other frequently and whenever there is any HR seminars which she believes will be beneficial to me, she always invited me

I had a career change while I was in AHRI's mentoring program. Priya has been standing by my side, giving me advice, encouragement and comfort to help me go through this transitional period. It has been tough. But Priya' thoughtfulness, professional insights and comforting words made it easier

I believe a good mentor should not only have the knowledge in his/her professional field but also has the empathy and thoughtfulness towards mentee's needs. Priya has the both! I would love to continue the mentoringship with Priya

Li Fan, NSW Mentee, 2012

I have been both a mentee and mentor in the AHRI Mentoring Program and from both perspectives the program has been extremely rewarding

As a mentor I receive great satisfaction in assisting other HR professionals in their careers through this program. The opportunity for someone to be able to seek counsel, advice or guidance is an immeasurable benefit for a HR professional and for those of us who are in the position to provide that opportunity on a regular basis the program is a great conduit

Importantly, the mentoring relationship works both ways and I have enjoyed having my views and perspectives challenged by other HR professionals who work in different industries or HR fields to myself. I recommend the program to HR professionals of all levels who are seeking an opportunity to further their own development through either being mentored or mentoring

Rod Francisco, WA Mentor & Mentee, 2011

This is my first year participating in the AHRI Mentoring Program as a mentee. I have to say that I would recommend any HR professional or aspiring HR people to give this a go!

The application process itself is really easy and AHRI matched me up with a perfect mentor. My mentor and I got on very well from the first time we met and because we both work within the Perth CBD area, we were able to meet up once a month in person. Although we work in different industry, my mentor's experience has really given me a lot of food for thought in terms of my career progression and dealing with a variety of situations

We intend to continue our mentoring relationship even after the AHRI 2011 mentoring ends officially as we find this beneficial for both of us

Candy Choo, WA Mentee, 2011

I decided to enrol in the AHRI Mentoring Program because I thought it would be a good opportunity to develop my HR skills as well as the skill of mentoring and being mentored

Working with my mentor has been excellent. I have learned from her experience in HR but also about best practice. By asking the right questions my mentor has taught me to work out my own style to achieve great outcomes. I recommend the AHRI Mentoring Program to anyone who wants to build on their HR skills and is also interested in stretching themselves and growing as a professional in any environment

Kate Hickey, TAS Mentee, 2011

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