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AHRI accredited courses

As the professional association for human resources, AHRI is tasked with ensuring HR professionals and people managers have the essential prerequisite skills and knowledge required to work in the HR profession.

While AHRI offers two HR qualification courses - our nationally accredited BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources, and the AHRI Practising Certification program - course accreditation is the process whereby AHRI reviews, and where appropriate, recognises other VET, undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Australian education institutions.

Through the accreditation process, AHRI brings research and industry knowledge to human resources curriculum development to ensure alignment to essential HR skills and knowledge. AHRI delegates this responsibility to a National Accreditation Committee (NAC) which has the task of assessing the curriculum content of HR courses for accreditation by AHRI.

The focus for assessment of academic courses is underpinned by two key criteria:

  • The institution implements internal quality assurance processes for planning courses, seeking and demonstrating stakeholder input, monitoring outcomes, evaluating feedback, implementing changes and seeking continuous improvement
  • The applicant course will equip a graduate to meet the desired accredited HR course outcomes

Accreditation information for educational institutions - 2017 Handbook and Application is Ready for Download

Handbook Downloads:

Accreditation Process

  1. Download the 2017 course accreditation application form and complete the application:
    • An application for each course for which the institution is seeking accreditation needs to be complete (e.g. if you are seeking accreditation for 3 courses then 3 separate applications would be required).
    • Only applications utilising the 2017 application form will be accepted
  2. Submit the application form(s) via the AHRI accreditation online portal:
    1. To submit your completed application you will need your AHRI login details via submit link below. If you do not have a login, you will need to create one via the same link.
    2. Your application MUST be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. No other format will be accepted.
    3. Payment of course accreditation fees must be made at the same time that applications are uploaded to the AHRI accreditation online portal. Application fees are as follows:
      Accreditation application fees (incl. 10% GST)
      *Pricing is based per course
      VET/TAFE University
      $600 $960
    4. Application submission dates:
      • The AHRI accreditation online portal will be open to accept completed application submissions together with payment on 1 February 2017.
      • Submission close date is on 1 May 2017. The portal will be closed after this date and late submissions will not be accepted.
  3. Upload your documents to the AHRI accreditation online portal (webpage):
    1. Multiple courses can be uploaded.
    2. Complete the online payment. Credit card details will be required in order to complete the application. Once completed, you will receive an email confirming that the application(s) has been received.
  4. Via desk audit, AHRI verifies that the course accreditation application is complete and correct.
    1. Complete and correct course accreditation applications are put forward for assessment by the AHRI National Accreditation Committee (NAC).
    2. Incomplete applications are returned for further detail or evidence.
  5. The NAC assesses the course accreditation applications and reports on outcomes, with the accreditation outcomes being: ‘Accredited’, ‘Accreditation Pending’ or ‘Accreditation Premature’. Further information about outcomes is provided in the table below.

Accreditation Process Outcomes

Accredited The NAC finds that based upon the application submitted that the course is to be accredited. Upon confirmation of acceptance AHRI adds the course to its register of Accredited Courses and sends the applicant an Accredited Course Logo. Use of the logo is bound by conditions supplied by AHRI to the qualifying institution, for the qualifying accreditation period.
Accreditation Pending The NAC finds that further evidence is required in order to fully assess if the course is suitable for accreditation. In the case of an applicant that is required to provide further evidence, AHRI will provide feedback indicating the gaps in information provided, and a date by which this must be provided to the NAC for reconsideration.
Accreditation Premature The NAC finds that the application by an institution is premature and that further more in depth consideration must be given by the institution prior to a future application. In the case of an application being premature, AHRI will provide feedback indicating the gaps in information provided and guidance regarding the resubmission of an application the following year.

Note: Detailed information about AHRI course accreditation is available on the AHRI website.

Accreditation period

The period for accreditation of an AHRI accredited course is generally three (3) years. After this period, the education provider will need to apply for reaccreditation of the course.

However, where a course is scheduled for significant impending change or is in teach-out mode, the National Accreditation Committee may only approve accreditation of a course for a 12 month / one (1) year period.

As part of AHRI’s management of the course accreditation process, the education provider will be notified by AHRI when a course is due for reaccreditation.


Course accreditation applications and all supporting evidence are confidential between the AHRI National Accreditation Committee and the tertiary institution.

AHRI Student membership information

AHRI’s student membership has a number of benefits which have all been designed to support you now and prepare you for when you graduate.

The cost is $33 for 12 months of membership.  The main benefits are:

  • Access to AHRI:Assist - this is an online information portal that has been built around the employment lifecycle and all things relating to human resources.
  • The AHRI Work Experience Placement Program - after a fantastic pilot program in 2015, we have formalised this into an online platform that allows students to build their profile around their academic history, previous experience and interests to be match with an Organisation Member that has offered a work experience placement.
  • Free student only webinars
  • Student Forum Events
  • Access to HRMonline
  • Access to research and whitepapers

For any further queries, please contact or call 03 9918 9200 to speak with the membership team.

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